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Quotes and pictures MARINA: Come on, girls. Uppy-up. ANDRINA: Morning. BENJAMIN: They're early. MARINA: Yes. But why? Watch Would you like to dance quotesWould you like to dance ANDRINA: Good night, Ariel. ARIEL: Good night, Andrina. ARISTA: Zap-it-y-do-dah, zow! ARIEL: Night, Arista. ALANA: Sweet dreams, Ariel. ARIEL: You, too, Alana. ALANA: Good night, Adella. ADELLA: I still didn't get to kiss a boy. Good night, Aquata. AQUATA: Night. ARIEL: Good night, Attina. MARINA: Your Highness. We need to talk. SEBASTIAN: Jumpin' jellyfish! FLOUNDER: Quick! This way! SHELBOW: Hi. KING TRITON: This is how you watch over my daughter? SEBASTIAN: Sire, I... KING TRITON: I trusted you. SEBASTIAN: Sire. KING TRITON: Guards! Lock him away. ARIEL: What? No! KING TRITON: Lock them all away! SEBASTIAN: But, Your Majesty, please! SWORDFISH GUARD #1: Come on. Let's move it. FLOUNDER: I'm with the band. SWORDFISH GUARD #1: Sure you are, kid. MARINA: As you wish. KING TRITON: Attina, take your sisters home. ATTINA: Yes, sir. ARIEL: Father, you can't do this! KING TRITON: It's already done! Aah! KING TRITON: You are all confined to the palace. ATTINA: Yes, Father. ARIEL: Why don't you just lock us in jail? Watch We have music back quotesWe have music back ARIEL: Attina? ATTINA: You just don't know when to quit. ARIEL: What? ADELLA: It's over, Ariel. ARIEL: But... we were finally happy. ATTINA: Look around, Ariel. No one's happy. MARINA: Yahoo! FISH #1: Who is that? FISH #2: I don't know, but she scares me. MARINA: Whee! Uh! Don't touch me. Benjamin, tear out those puny windows. Rip down those narrow walls. BENJAMIN: Oh, no. MARINA: This is just the beginningThis is just the beginning. I want a balcony so I can wave down to the adoring crowds. But high enough so they can't see disdain on my face. Can you taste it, Benjamin? The sweet taste of power! Filling, yet oddly minty! Hello, world! It's Marina Del Rey. I'm the new attache but I want more. And I'm never going backI'm never going back. Did you get that, clawboy? No, I'm never going back. FISH MESSENGER: Delivery for Miss Del Rey. MARINA: Make no mistake I'm here to stay. BENJAMIN: Oh... OK. MARINA: Meet the new Marina Del Rey. BENJAMIN: She does seem happier. Oh! FISH MESSENGER: How long has she been in charge? BENJAMIN: We're going on... seven minutes. ARIEL: Watch I remember songI remember INK SPOT: I got to get out of here. I got to get out. The walls, they're closing in. There's no space! No air! I got it! We'll start a riot! Follow my lead. Atlantica! Atlantica! Join me, guys. Atlantica! RAY-RAY: Hey, Ink Spot. INK SPOT: Yeah? RAY-RAY: This ain't living. You know what I'm saying? SHELBOW: And the acoustics are non-good-ular. Listen. Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. FLOUNDER: Come on, at least we're hanging out. Can I get a "hoo-yah?" SEBASTIAN: Come on, guys. This looks a lot worse than it is. I'll just get an audience with the king and I'll fix it. SHELBOW: Now, no offense, man, but you had ten years to fix it, and this is where we end up? INK SPOT: In jail. SEBASTIAN: Well, I... RAY-RAY: The band has talked it up, see, and we want you to... CHEEKS: Slip through the bars. SHELBOW: Use your claws to pick the lock, man. INK SPOT: And open that door! RAY-RAY: Good plan. Good plan. Solid. FLOUNDER: Liquid! Just kidding. SEBASTIAN: No, bad plan! If we break out of this jail, there ain't no coming back here, mon! We'll be fugitives! RAY-RAY: That's cool. CHEEKS: That works. FLOUNDER: What's a fugitive? SEBASTIAN: What about Ariel? You just going to abandon her? Leave her to deal with all that we tangled her up in? You think that small, weak, innocent, helpless little girl can do anything by herself? Oh! Ariel? ARIEL: Come on, Sebastian. Let's go. SHELBOW: I'm with her. SEBASTIAN: If we run away from Atlantica, it will break your father's heart. RAY-RAY: She got to do what she got to do. ARIEL: I'm sorry. I just can't live here. INK SPOT: Yeah, let's go. SEBASTIAN: Listen, I will not be responsible for taking you away from your family. ARIEL: I'm leaving! With or without you. CHEEKS: All right! SEBASTIAN: Nobody's leaving! SHELBOW: Except you. SEBASTIAN: Mmm-hmm. ARIEL: Look, Sebastian, without music, this place just isn't homewithout music, this place just isn't home. SHELBOW: You know she ain't lying. RAY-RAY: Ain't no comeback to that! INK SPOT: You got that right. SEBASTIAN: Ha! Oh, no, no, no. Never mind. ARIEL: Are you OK? SEBASTIAN: Ariel, you're right! Without music, this place just isn't home. I know just where to go! ALL: Freedom! BENJAMIN: Aw. OK. Oh! Oh, dear. SEBASTIAN: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Flounder, shh! Move it, move it, move it, mon. FLOUNDER: Move it, move it, move it. SEBASTIAN: Flounder, please! Shh! This way. Come on. Flounder, shh! Be quiet. SHELBOW: Ditto! SEBASTIAN: Shh! FLOUNDER: Yeah! Hit me! RAY-RAY: Hey, small fry, I think you could use some lessons in fugitivity. FLOUNDER: Oh, yeah. Right. Got it. CHEEKS: You're gonna blow it for all of us. FLOUNDER: Blow, good. SHELBOW: Hey, kid, ixnay on the soundtrack. FLOUNDER: Why? INK SPOT: Why? Why? Why? Try jail! SHELBOW: Prison! CHEEKS: The big house! SEBASTIAN: The slammer! RAY-RAY: Music is against the law, you dig? FLOUNDER: Not out here. CHEEKS: What? FLOUNDER: Come on. We ran away so we could sing. And I'm singing. SHELBOW: You know, the kid's striking a major chord. CHEEKS: I feel it, I feel it. SHELBOW: Look at him go with his bad little self. CHEEKS: Oh, yeah. INK SPOT: Come on. Let it happen. ALL: Sha-na-na, na, na, na, na / Na, na, na, na, na, na / Shake, shake, shake, Senora / Shake your body line / Shake your body line / Shake, shake, shake, Senora / Shake it all the time / Shake it all the time / Work, work, work, Senora / Work your body line / Work your body / Work, work, work, Senora / Work it all the time FLOUNDER: Let's break it down / Jump-Jump in the line / Rock your body on time INK SPOT: There he goes again. FLOUNDER: Jump in the line CHEEKS: He's groovin'! RAY-RAY: Let me try it now. ALL: Jump-J-J-Jump in the line Rock your body on time We're in Jump-J-J-Jump J- J-Jump Jump Whoo! Jump in the line Hit it Watch Jump in the line songJump in the line Rock your body in time INK SPOT: I dig this freedom! ALL: Jump in the line Rock your body in time Try and stop me! Jump in the line Rock your body in time Oh, yeah, take me with you. Jump in the line Rock your body on time Come on, guys. This way. All right. OK. Let's step-a-doodle. Jump in the line Rock your body on time. FLOUNDER: Where are we going exactly? RAY-RAY: Don't worry, mon. FLOUNDER: 'Cause I got to go to the bathroom. SEBASTIAN: Oh, Flounder. MARINA: And thanks to my bold new initiatives, second only to my fabulous day wear and dressy evening separates, productivity in all sectors is up 20 percent. Squids are producing more ink, kelp more oxygen, and the coral reef is just churning out the plankton. Chuga, chuga! I do so enjoy fresh plankton on my salad, don't you? I'll take that as a yes. As you can see, I'm a self-starter, Your Majesty, here to anticipate your every need. Not like that last guy. What was his name? Sooner we forget about him, the better. In fact, let's make a vow never to mention his name again. Here, I'll start. There. Wasn't that easy? BENJAMIN: Marina. MARINA: Busy! KING TRITON: I think I was too hard on them. MARINA: Huh? BENJAMIN: It's about ArielIt's about Ariel. MARINA: Not now! KING TRITON: Perhaps I went too far. MARINA: Nonsense, Your Highness. Not possible. BENJAMIN: Marina. MARINA: What? ATTINA: Daddy, Ariel's missing. KING TRITON: What? MARINA: Why didn't you tell me? BENJAMIN: I just did. ATTINA: We can't find her! We've looked everywhere! KING TRITON: Don't worry. I'll find her. Get me Sebastian! MARINA: What, what! No, no, no! No, I'm in charge here! Well... BENJAMIN: Sebastian's gone, too. KING TRITON: Guards! Search the palace. Search every inch of Atlantica! Find my daughter! MARINA: Your Majesty. Whoo-hoo! Your Majesty, Your Majesty. Sebastian. FLOUNDER: Are we there yet? SEBASTIAN: No. FLOUNDER: Are we there yet? SEBASTIAN: No. FLOUNDER: Are we there yet? SEBASTIAN: No. FLOUNDER: Are we there yet? SEBASTIAN: Yes. This is it. FLOUNDER: Are you sure? SEBASTIAN: Yes. RAY-RAY: Are you sure? SEBASTIAN: Yes! ARIEL: Are you sure? SEBASTIAN: Yes! INK SPOT: Oh, man. We can't live here! SHELBOW: Yeah, this place is all "Oom-pa-pa" We need some... SEBASTIAN: Nonsense. It's perfect. Just listen to them acoustics: Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do, ECHO: Do, Do, Do... SEBASTIAN: Solid.

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)
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