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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning 4 music box

Quotes and pictures RAY-RAY: Well, it beats the dungeon. CHEEKS: But not by much. SHELBOW: It'll do for the time being. Excuse me. RAY-RAY: Ooh... ARIEL: Sebastian, be honest. Are we lost? SEBASTIAN: No, this is fine. There's more to this place than meets the eye. RAY-RAY: Knock it off! FLOUNDER: Sorry. MARINA: Give me the key! BENJAMIN: I said no. MARINA: Look, I haven't worked my tail off for the last 12 hoursI haven't worked my tail off for the last 12 hours just to have it snatched away. MARINA: Benjamin. BENJAMIN: Kelp wrap? Lomi lomi rub? MARINA: Give me the key! BENJAMIN: You said never give it to you in a fit of rage! MARINA: I'm perfectly calm! BENJAMIN: Doesn't sound it. MARINA: Give! Give! BENJAMIN: Oh! Mm-mmm. MARINA: Give! Oh, look at the pretty fishieslook at the pretty fishies. BENJAMIN: Really? Where? MARINA: Oh! Ooh, yum-yums! Come to Mommy. Oh, yes. Mommy wuvs you. BENJAMIN: OK, I'm not gonna watch this part. MARINA: My, my, are you hungry? Ooh... Who wants crab cakes? BENJAMIN: What are you going to do? MARINA: Whatever it takes to get rid of Sebastian! BENJAMIN: But what about Ariel? MARINA: Ariel? Ariel? You're right. She'll tattle. I'll have to get rid of her, too. BENJAMIN: What? MARINA: That's brilliant, Benjamin, brilliant! BENJAMIN: OK, that wasn't what I meant. MARINA: I never liked her anyway. I'll make it look like an accident. That's it! An accidental underwater ambush by a team of the cutest wittle yum-yums ever. BENJAMIN: You've lost your mind. MARINA: Sic 'em, boys! BENJAMIN: Ooh, what hath we wrought? MARINA: Oh, swim, you pretties. Swim, you pretties. Faster! Swim. Wait up! ARIEL: Sebastian. SEBASTIAN: Five more minutes, Mommy. ARIEL: Sebastian, did you hear that? SEBASTIAN: Leave me alone. Sleeping. ARIEL: But there's something out there. Come on, help me find it. SEBASTIAN: I'm tired. You go check it out. Watch We have music back quotesWe have music back ARIEL: This is why we came here, isn't it? RAY-RAY: Whoa, whoa, let me get this straight. You led us out here... INK SPOT: To the armpit of nowhere, man. SHELBOW: In the hope that Red might find the music box. And now you wanna go back to the palace... INK SPOT: To return the music box to the kingTo return the music box to the king. RAY-RAY: On the chance that maybe it'll... SHELBOW: Remind him to remember how to be happy... INK SPOT: And then he'll bring music back? SEBASTIAN: That about sums it up. CHEEKS: Couldn't we just strap it to a dolphin? He'd get it eventually. RAY-RAY: Listen, the band talked it over, and... SHELBOW: We just can't take that chance. SEBASTIAN: What? ARIEL: It's OK. Maybe someday it'll be different. You'll come home and play music all you want. RAY-RAY: Sure, Red. Someday. Someday. ARIEL: Bye. FLOUNDER: What? No, no, wait. Ray-Ray! Guys! We can't just let them go back alone. RAY-RAY: Drop it, small fry. FLOUNDER: But we took an oath! To jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovershelping hand to your fellow music lovers! RAY-RAY: The Catfish Club is history. That oath don't mean a thing. FLOUNDER: Well, it still means something to me. Hey, Ariel! Wait up! Ariel! SEBASTIAN: I don't remember this much kelp when we came through here last night. ARIEL: Oh! FLOUNDER: Kelp, schmelp. I ain't afraid of these overgrown weeds. Hi-yah! Take that! And that! SEBASTIAN: Guys? That ain't kelp! MARINA: Surprise! SEBASTIAN: Marina? What are you wearingWhat are you wearing? MARINA: I thought I'd dress for the occasion. SEBASTIAN: What's the occasion? Go, go, go, go! MARINA: Sic 'em, boys. SEBASTIAN: Keep going! Ah! MARINA: Ow! That... hurt. ARIEL: This way. Quick! Where's Sebastian? MARINA: I've tasted power, Sebastian. And I'm never letting go. SEBASTIAN: Bring it on! MARINA: Come to daddy. SEBASTIAN: Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Oh, my! SHELBOW: Now! RAY-RAY: Fire! FLOUNDER: Yeah! Awesome! SHELBOW: Ooh, they hurtin' for certain. CHEEKS: Yup, yup, yup. ARIEL: Sebastian's in troubleSebastian's in trouble! FLOUNDER: Follow me! RAY-RAY: Let's go. Right in your wake, kid. ARIEL: The music box! FLOUNDER: Ariel! RAY-RAY: Huh? FLOUNDER: How do you like that? Oops. ARIEL: Flounder! SEBASTIAN: Come on, try and get me. MARINA: Get back here! Ow! SEBASTIAN: Boom, chika, boom Chika, boom, boom, boom! Tight fit? MARINA: You... stink. SEBASTIAN: I win. Flounder! FLOUNDER: Sebastian! Help! SEBASTIAN: I got the tail. CHEEKS: Hey! Flounder at twelve o'clock! INK SPOT: 12:04, actually. ARIEL: Flounder. FLOUNDER: Whoa! ARIEL: Do the corkscrew! INK SPOT: Break out all the utensils. SEBASTIAN: Whoa, whoa! RAY-RAY: Who the fish? CHEEKS: That's it. ARIEL: Go, Flounder! Go, go! FLOUNDER: You slippery eel! SEBASTIAN: Yeah, mon, just like we planned it. ARIEL: Way to go, Flounder, you did it! SEBASTIAN: We did it, mon. CHEEKS: We sure did. SEBASTIAN: Solid. FLOUNDER: Come on. Let's go! ARIEL: Sebastian! FLOUNDER: Look out! KING TRITON: Ariel, no! What have I doneAriel, no! What have I done? Endless sky, Waves try to measure, The days that we treasure... ARIEL: Daddy? KING TRITON: I'm... I'm so sorry I didn't listen. I'm sorry. ARIEL: Daddy. Let's go home. FLOUNDER: Guys, you came back. RAY-RAY: Sure did, small fry. Like you said, we took an oath. CHEEKS: Come here, you little knuckleheadCome here, you little knucklehead. INK SPOT: Group hug! SHELBOW: We dig you, man. FLOUNDER: Guys... can't breathe. NARRATOR: So, Ariel came back home and life went on just the same as before. Well, things weren't exactly the same. KING TRITON: Rise and shine. It's a beautiful day. PRINCESSES: Daddy! KING TRITON: To my daughters, and to all the citizens of Atlantica, I hereby decree that music will once again ring clear from one end of my kingdom to the other! Therefore, I hereby present Atlantica's first official Court Composer. SEBASTIAN: Thank you, Your Highness. Uh, not that we don't trust you, Your Majesty, but... Swifty, hit it, mon. SWIFTY: Raise your right hand, fin, claw, tentacle, or whatever the case may be. Very good. Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers? KING TRITON: Um... I do? ATTINA: Thank you, Ariel. Watch I Will Sing songI Will Sing

NARRATOR: So that's how a king and a princess brought a family back to life.
And, after ten years, love and music finally returned to the kingdom of Atlantica.

BENJAMIN: Let's think about what we've learned.
You just can't hurt people. Hurting is mean.
We don't want to be mean, do we?

MARINA: Maybe you're right.

BENJAMIN: That's my girl. Samba?

MARINA: Ooh-wa, ooh-wa!

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008)
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