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Look after Ariel

Quotes from Little Mermaid with King Triton, Sebastian, Marina
SEBASTIAN: Good morning, Your HighnessGood morning, Your Highness. KING TRITON: Sebastian. Marina. MARINA: Good morning, Your Majesty. KING TRITON: I have a problem, it's ArielI have a problem, it's Ariel. SEBASTIAN: Ariel? I... MARINA: Finally! So you see it, too? Oh, yes. She's rebellious, insubordinate, headstrong. We need to immediately implement a series of checks and balancesWe need to immediately implement a series of checks and balances. designed to crush her spirit. What? Too harsh? SEBASTIAN: Absolutely! Your Highness, she is young, going through a phase. KING TRITON: I don't remember having this much trouble with any of her sisters. MARINA: I do! They're all a handful. We should shave their heads. Just kidding. KING TRITON: Alana wasn't difficult at all. SEBASTIAN: Yes, Your Majesty. But Arista and the blowfish incident, remember? MARINA: Oh! It took weeks to clean up the palace. SEBASTIAN: And how about Aquata and that stingray? MARINA: I can still feel it. KING TRITON: Well... SEBASTIAN: Or the time Attina got her head stuck in the conch shell. MARINA: That was me. KING TRITON: Well, perhaps you're right, Sebastian. Still, it seems Marina could use some help. I want you to look after ArielI want you to look after Ariel. No offense, Marina.
MARINA: None taken.
MARINA: Soft shell.
SEBASTIAN: Tardy girl.
MARINA: Stick eye.
SEBASTIAN: Fish lips.
MARINA: Backstabber.
SEBASTIAN: Fashion disaster.
MARINA: Bottom feeder!
SEBASTIAN: Babysitter!
KING TRITON: Dismissed.