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video quotes from The Little Mermaid Ariel's Beginning 2008 with Ariel, Attina, Arista, Adella, Andrina, Aquata, Alana


Dialogues with pictures

ARIEL: Don't worry, it was just a dream.
Don't worry, it was just a dream
ALANA: I'll tell you what wasn't a dream. We woke up at midnight. AQUATA: And your bed was still empty. ARIEL: Really? ANDRINA: Yeah. That is two hours past curfew. ARIEL: Oh. ANDRINA: Ooh, was it a boy? ADELLA: If it's a boy, I'm gonna die.
If it's a boy, I'm gonna die
AQUATA: Ugh... Drama. ADELLA: I mean, I'm happy for you, Ariel. It's just that I'm two years older than you, and the only one I've come even close to kissing is Stevie. ANDRINA: Ew! Squid-Lips Stevie? ADELLA: It was on a dare. ANDRINA: Whatever. ATTINA: Girls, let's stick to the subject.
Girls, let's stick to the subject
ARIEL: Well, it wasn't a boy, OK? I was just helping a friend.
I was just helping a friend
Out past the kelp forest. AQUATA: Ooh! Past the kelp forest. It wasn't a boy. It was a bad boy. ARISTA: Oh, Ariel. AQUATA: Simmer down there, sister. ATTINA: So you were just helping a friend? ARIEL: Um... Yep. ATTINA: Then, where'd you get... this! Can you imagine what'd happen if Dad found it? ARIEL: He's never here. ATTINA: Don't get cute with me. This is serious. Where were you? ARIEL: I was just... listening to music in an underground club. ATTINA: OK, where were you really? ALANA: Listening to music? AQUATA: No way. ARISTA: What was it like? ANDRINA: Come on. Spill it. ARIEL: Oh, it was amazing. The energy, the dancing, the music... Just makes you feel like... AQUATA: Like what? ARIEL: Like when Mom was here. ARISTA: Ariel, I wanna hear it, too. ARIEL: You do? AQUATA: Me, too. ALANA: OK. Me, too. ADELLA: Me, too! Me, too! ANDRINA: Not without me. ATTINA: Yeah. Everybody does. ARISTA: Please, Ariel. Please? ARIEL: Well... ATTINA: Oh! ARIEL: We'll go tonight. ARISTA: I'm so excited! AQUATA: Music! ALANA: What should I wear? ADELLA: So you think there'll be boys?
So you think there'll be boys?
ANDRINA: One way to find out. ATTINA: This is not happening! You go again and I... ANDRINA: Oh, lighten up. ARIEL: Come on. ALANA, AQUATA, ADELLA, ARISTA: Mmm? ATTINA: OK.

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