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Quotes from Little Mermaid with King Triton, Ariel, Sebastian, Attina, Swifty
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KING TRITON: Ariel, you are confined to the palace until you understand what you've done. ARIEL: What did we do? Tell me, Daddy... ATTINA: Ariel, leave it alone. ARIEL: No. We haven't done anything wrong. All we did was listen to musicAll we did was listen to music. KING TRITON: Which you know is forbidden! ARIEL: But why? Why can't we have music? KING TRITON: This discussion is over. ARIEL: Just tell me! KING TRITON: I do not have to explain myself to youI do not have to explain myself to you. ARIEL: I don't understand. We love music. KING TRITON: I will not have music in my kingdom! ARIEL: I may not remember much about my mother, but I know she wouldn't have wanted this. SEBASTIAN: It was an anniversary present. Your father had the music box made for your mother. Athena was more than his queen, you know. She was his best friend. ARIEL: The family together. Music playing all the time. NARRATOR: The palace always echoing with laughter. SEBASTIAN: When your mother died, the whole kingdom was heartbroken. The heart that never healed was your father's. ARIEL: It's so sad. He's forgotten what it feels like to be happy. I have to bring this back to himI have to bring this back to him. SEBASTIAN: If you insist. NARRATOR: So, Ariel came back home and life went on just the same as before. Well, things weren't exactly the same. KING TRITON: Rise and shine, it's a beautiful dayRise and shine, it's a beautiful day. PRINCESSES: Daddy! KING TRITON: To my daughters, and to all the citizens of Atlantica, I hereby decree that music will once again ring clear from one end of my kingdom to the other! Therefore, I hereby present Atlantica's first official Court Composer. SEBASTIAN: Thank you, Your Highness. Uh, not that we don't trust you, Your Majesty, but... Swifty, hit it, mon. SWIFTY: Raise your right hand, fin, claw, tentacle, or whatever the case may be. Very good. Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers? KING TRITON: Um... I do? ATTINA: Thank you, Ariel. NARRATOR: So that's how a king and a princess brought a family back to life. And, after ten years, love and music finally returned to the kingdom of Atlantica.