I Will Sing

Disney video from The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008); song music and lyrics by Jeanine Tesori
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performed by Jeannette Bayardelle; with King Triton, Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Cheeks, Aquata Lyrics and pictures My love is higher than the skyMy love is higher than the sky Deeper than the oceanDeeper than the ocean / Warmer than the sun / Shining down on meShining down on me / Quiet as a prayer FLOUNDER: A girl in the bandA girl in the band? CHEEKS: That's right. All my love / I will sing / Of joy and glory / I will sing / The look in your eyes / I will sing / Till all the world knows your story / I will sing for the rest of my lifeI will sing for the rest of my life ARIEL: Daddy, how about a dance? KING TRITON: I wouldn't miss it for the world. AQUATA: Whoo! Conga! ARIEL: For the rest of my life I will sing for the rest of my life.

NARRATOR: So that's how a king and a princess brought a family back to life. And, after ten years, love and music finally returned to the kingdom of Atlantica.

BENJAMIN: Let's think about what we've learned.
You just can't hurt people.
Hurting is mean.
We don't want to be mean, do we?
MARINA: Maybe you're right.
BENJAMIN: That's my girl. Samba?
MARINA: Ooh-wa, ooh-wa!

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