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Quotes from Little Mermaid with Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Melody, Scuttle, Carlotta, Chef Louis, and snapshot picture;
ARIEL: Melody? Oh, Carlotta, have you seen Melody? CARLOTTA: Not since this morning, Your Majesty. ARIEL: Louis, Melody's not in here, is she? CHEF LOUIS: No, Your Highness, but her birthday cake is. Twelve petite candles. C'est magnifique! SCUTTLE: Whoo-eee! This is gonna be some kind of shindig. Yes, sir, a real swanky soiree, as they say. There's just one thing missing... the guest of honor! SEBASTIAN: "Sebastian, you watch over her," he said. I'm too old for this! A crab my age should be retired, getting a tan, playing sea golf, sipping a tuna colada! Not baby-sitting another teenager. Melody! MELODY: Hey, Scuttle. Hey, Sebastian. What's kickin'? SCUTTLE: Uh, what's kickin'? Let me see. Don't rush me. SEBASTIAN: Ha! You know perfectly well what's kicking. Now, come along. You gonna be late for the... MELODY: Sorry, Sebastian. SEBASTIAN: Melody, child, how many times do I have to tell you? SEBASTIAN and MELODY: It is expressly forbidden for you to be swimming beyond the safety of the sea wall beyond the safety of the sea wall. MELODY: Any such swimming is a reckless disregard of "da" rules, don't you know? SEBASTIAN: Stop dat. MELODY: Oh, Sebastian, I can't help it. I just love the sea! SEBASTIAN: Hey! Come back here! You're just like... like your mother.   Little Mermaid - Know a teenager - snapshot picture
ARIEL: Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. MELODY: What's wrong with me? ARIEL: Oh, nothing's wrong with you. MELODY: Mom, I'm the princess of disaster. ARIEL: Being a teenager is hard, and, uh, all kids your age feel... awkward. MELODY: Melody? What is this? My name's on here. That song. Where have I heard it? It's Atlantica. With merpeople and everything. Mother, you always said it was just an old fish tale. ARIEL: Where did you get this? MELODY: I found it. ARIEL: You went over the wall, didn't you? MELODY: Actually, I went under it. I hate that stupid wall. ARIEL: Melody, you know you're not allowed in the sea. MELODY: But why? And why does that necklace have my name on it? ARIEL: Melody, listen to me. MELODY: You're hiding something from me. ARIEL: You deliberately disobeyed me! I never want you going out there again! It's dangerous in the sea! MELODY: How would you know? You've never even been in it! ARIEL: Melody, I... PRINCE ERIC: Ariel, darling, we knew this day would come. ARIEL: Oh, Eric. You're right. It's time I trusted her with the truth. SEBASTIAN: Oh, now, child, it's gonna be okay. You know, when I was a teenager you couldn't get me out of my shell for nothin'. I had this high, squeaky voice and these itty-bitty little pincers. And then one day, boom! I sound like Caruso and these whoppers pop out! Young lady, just where do you think you're going? MELODY: I've gotta figure this out. This necklace means something, and if no one's gonna tell me, I'm gonna find out myself. SEBASTIAN: Melody, please! You're making a big mistake! MORGANA: Oh, this is delicious. This is divine! >>> more Disney videos quotes from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea