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Little Mermaid video quotes - Love you for who you are - Disney videos

Quotes from Little Mermaid with Melody, Morgana, King Triton, Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Tip, and snapshot picture;
TIP: Another plan perfectly executed. FLOUNDER: Melody! MORGANA: I have the trident now. And all the creatures of the sea are in my power! I'm the queen of the sea, and you will bow down before me! TIP: Oh, this can't be good for the lower back! MORGANA: Pathetic fools! Watch and see how utterly powerful I can be! MELODY: Mom! MORGANA: The end begins for all of you with fins! Ha ha ha! That's it, Triton. Bow down! Bow down before me! SEBASTIAN: No, Your Majesty. You mustn't. KING TRITON: I'm sorry, Sebastian. I have no choice. MORGANA: Oh! Wishes do come true. See that, Ma? Who's your favorite now? It's over, Triton. I sentence you to oblivion! You! Just what do you think you're going to do with that? MELODY: Stay back! MORGANA: Wrong end, sweetheart. MELODY: Grandfather? I think this belongs to you. MORGANA: No! KING TRITON: Never again will you or yours threaten my family. There will be no escape for you ever! MELODY: Dad? PRINCE ERIC: Oh, Melody, I was so afraid we'd lost you. MELODY: I'm sorry, Mother. ARIEL: Oh, no, sweetie. We're sorry. We should have told you the truth. MELODY: I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just hoped... I'd be a better mermaid than a girl. ARIEL: Oh, Melody, sweetie, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet. We love you for who you are on the inside our very brave little girl. KING TRITON: Just like your mother. MELODY: Oh, Grandfather!   Little Mermaid - Love you for who you are - snapshot picture
KING TRITON: Melody, I don't blame you for wanting to join us merfolk. And because you're my granddaughter, I'm giving you a most precious gift... a choice: you can come to Atlantica with me or you can return to your home on land. It's up to you. MELODY: I have a better idea. Now we can all be together! >>> more Disney videos quotes from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea