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Little Mermaid video quotes - Way for a forever spell - Disney videos

Quotes from Little Mermaid with Morgana, Melody, Undertow, and snapshot picture;
MELODY: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! MORGANA: Oh! MELODY: What's the matter? MORGANA: Oh, I knew this would happen. One taste, and you're hooked. Oh, Undertow, I'm such a failure, such a... Oh, my precious, there wasn't enough potion for this to be a forever spell. MELODY: Please, I don't want to go back to being an ordinary girl. Isn't there some way I can stay a mermaid? MORGANA: Oh, I'm afraid there's absolutely no possible way. Well, there is one way. No. What am I thinking? It's far too dangerous. MELODY: What? What's too dangerous? MORGANA: Well, I could make the spell last longer if I had my magic trident. Oh, but it was stolen years ago by a deranged kleptomaniac, and there's no one to get it back for me. MELODY: Maybe I could get it back for you. MORGANA: You would do that for me? MELODY: If I did, would you make me a mermaid forever? MORGANA: Even longer, if you like. Now, here is where the scoundrel lives. MELODY: Atlantica? You mean it's not just an old fish tale? It really exists? MORGANA: Of course it exists, dear. Whoever told you otherwise? MELODY: My... mother. MORGANA: Well, I'm sure she didn't mean to be cruel and deceitful. MELODY: Okay, I'll bring back your trident. You can count on me! MORGANA: Be careful, dear. Enjoy those fins! While you can.   Little Mermaid - Way for a forever spell - snapshot picture
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