Just One Mistake

Disney video from The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (2008); song music and lyrics by Jeanine Tesori
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performed by Sally Field as Marina Lyrics and pictures MARINA: I deserve that jobI deserve that job! So what if I'm late every once in a while and the girls are miserable? BENJAMIN: Nobody's perfect. MARINA: That's right. Nobody's... perfect. BENJAMIN: Oh... my. MARINA: Everyone makes mistakes, even... him! MARINA: Benjamin, I need to find a clueI need to find a clue BENJAMIN: Or a good cuticle creama good cuticle cream. MARINA: To get myself Sebastian's job / To stage a little coup / A straw to break the camel's back / A teeny dent, a tiny crack / A quiver or a quake / What I need is one mistake / Just one mistakeJust one mistake BENJAMIN: Now, color? Sardine Silver? MARINA: No, thanks. BENJAMIN: Orange roughy? MARINA: Not in the mood. BENJAMIN: Rainbow trout? MARINA: Just paint them the shade of clarified butter! MARINA: Sebastian, oh, better be on his guard BENJAMIN: So much for my samples. MARINA: 'Cause I have some electric chums / And they'll be looking very hard / A straw to break Sebastian's back / A teeny dent, a tiny crack / A dowdy double take / What I need is one mistake BENJAMIN: Uno error. MARINA: Just one mistake. Then... Hello, world BENJAMIN: Oh, my. MARINA: It's Marina Del Rey BENJAMIN: That's right. Three names. MARINA: I'm the new attaché BENJAMIN: Ooh, French! MARINA: Or maybe more / Oh, I want so much more BENJAMIN: Big surprise. MARINA: Hello, world / I'm the belle of the ball BENJAMIN: I'm feelin' it. Big wave! MARINA: I'm the greatest of all the loyal royal big shots Mmm... Work it, Marina MARINA: Pouty BENJAMIN: Pouty MARINA: Sassy BENJAMIN: Sassy MARINA: From the engine to the chassisFrom the engine to the chassis BENJAMIN: Oo-wah oo-wah
MARINA: Got to, got to
BENJAMIN: Oo-wah oo-wah
MARINA: Get it, get it
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta
gotta, gotta have it
A straw to break the camel's back
A teeny dent, a tiny crack
A mini mighty break
What I need is one mistake
MARINA: And after that, who knows? Sebastian's bound to make a mistake, right?
BENJAMIN: Not likely.

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