All the Cats Join In | Make Mine Music 1946

from Make Mine Music (1946) movie, a cariCATure in a sketch book, a jazz interlude featuring Benny Goodman and his Orchestra. Music written by Alec Wilder & Ray Gilbert.

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Song lyrics

Hop in the old jallop
And head for the malted shop
And all the cats join in.

Down goes my last two bits
Comes up one banana split
And all the cats join in.

Drop your jack in the old jukebox
Play your favorite disc
When you danced with the bobby socks
You danced at your own risk.

Rip! Everybody swing
Yes, swings till the rafters ring
And all the cats join in.

Swings till the rafters ring
And all the cats join in
All the cats join in.

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Make Mine Music and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) are the only two major Disney movies never to see a release on Region 4 DVD in Australia.

This segment of movie is a depiction of 1940s teen culture and its association with popular music and dancing. It is a rare subject for a Walt Disney film of this era.

The term "cats" does not refer to "cat" the animal. It is short for "hepcat" and its plural form "hepcats", a term for those associated with the jazz subculture of the 1940s and 1950s. It is a synonym to hipster which was associated with the same subculture.

The World War II years had seen the emergence of cheese-cake posters and photos as an industry, and the release of popular animated shorts with images and characters pioneered by Tex Avery. Walt Disney was being influenced by a popular trend. It would not last for long after the War.

A cool cat teen hears a tune on the jukebox at the malt shop and calls his girl; she rounds up a crowd and soon the place is jumping. No dialogue, just the song lyrics. The pencil drawing everyone is shown throughout the first half.

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