Melody Time Johnny Appleseed

from Melody Time movie, written by Kim Gannon and Walter Kent, performed by Dennis Day
In American folklore, mighty men have left the symbols of their greatness. This is his story, told by an old settler who knew Johnny well. Every time I see an apple-blossom sky, I think of Johnny Appleseed. Them clouds up there ain't really clouds at all, no, sir! There wouldn't be no apple-blossom sky if it weren't for. But now, hold on here. I'd better start at the beginning. Johnny lived on a farm near Pittsburgh. The year was 1806 or there around. You'd say Johnny Appleseed never would make a pioneer, he was such a scrawny little fellow. That didn't faze Johnny. He had his apple trees, the morning sun and the evening breeze. The Lord is good to me So I thank the Lord For giving me the things I need The sun and rain and apple seed Yes, he's been good to me I owe the Lord so much For everything I see If it weren 't for him There'd be no apples on this limb He's been good to me Here am I 'neath the blue sky Doing as I please Singing with my feathered friends Humming with the bees I wake up every day As happy as can be Because, with his care, My apple trees will still be there The Lord is good to me. Working, singing, carefree and gay, that's how Johnny spent each day, attending to his apple trees. But, lately,Johnny would feel a stir in the air. The rumbling, rolling beat of restless men with restless feet. Get on a wagon rolling west Out to the great unknown Get on a wagon rolling west Or you'll be left alone We've made a home before We're starting now again We ain 't afeared of man or beast We're strong and hardy men So, get on a wagon rolling west Seeking a land that's new So, get on a wagon rolling west There's plenty of room for you Get on a wagon rolling west Out to the great unknown Get on a wagon rolling west Or you'll be left alone The rivers may be wide The mountains may be tall But nothing stops the pioneer We're trailblazers all Get on a wagon rolling west Out to the great unknown... Get on a wagon rolling west Or you'll be left alone Poor Johnny. He weren't no pioneer and he knowed it.

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It was all just pretend. Those going west to build this nation made picking apples look useless. Well, that's when a miracle happened. What's holding you?,says a voice. Go on. Go on out west if that's your choice. Well, it was an angel, Johnny's own private guardian angel. He looks mighty queer to you and me, but that's just the way John figured he'd be. Well, speak up, boy. Don't stand there gawking. Unlock your jaw and get talking. Yes, sir! Why don't I go west? I ain't got the muscle or the breadth of chest. There it's the strong men who survive and I'm the puniest fella alive. Shame to you, Johnny! You've got faith, courage and a level head. But shucks. You see, sir, all I know is apple trees. What's wrong with apples, if you please? Ain't they the finest fruit? They take the cake! Just think of all the things that apples make. There's apple pickles Tasty apple tarts, apple pastry, apple dumplings Not to mention... Apple sass? Apple fritters light as thistle And for folks to wet their whistle Tangy apple cider Stew, fry, boil, bake 'em Apple pie and apple cake 'em You can cook them any way Apple this, apple that Recipes to fill your hat I could carry on like this all day So pack your stuff and get going Get them apple trees growing There's a lot of work out there to do There's a lot of work to do Yes, sir! I mean, no, sir. You see, sir, I ain't got none of the things I'll need out there. You ain't got? Boy, I'm ashamed of you! You've got the stuff to see you through. You've got the seeds you're needing, and for good reading, there ain 't nothing finer than your book Here's a handy bonnet, even got a handle on it. Turn it upside down and you can cook So, come on, get going Get them apple trees growing There's a lot of work out there to do There's a lot of work to do! Well, that's how it all began. That's how Johnny, all alone, set out to meet the great unknown. It was a mighty big, fierce place for a man to face. A little man, and all alone, without no knife, without no gun. Though the forest is dark and wide, with fearsome critters on every side, Johnny just kept walking on. He walked until he found a spot of open ground with fertile soil and warm breeze, a likely place for apple trees. The varmints couldn't know if John was friend or foe. Some took off in sudden flight. And some got set to claw and bite. If Johnny saw them, he paid no heed, just got busy planting apple seed. Varmints came from everywhere to watch him digging there. Didn't like what they were seeing, didn't trust no human being. That ornery human had to go. But who was going to tell him so? Not a soul could answer that till there came a black and white cat. He weren't too bright but he didn't care. He knowed he had a certain air about him. Well, sir, that done it. The critters had never seen that, the likes of a human liking that cat. Why, this little man had busted every precedent. He was the very first to come without no knife, without no gun. And so it was, from that time on, every varmint was a friend to John. They surely was. As time went by, Johnny kept planting his apple trees and making friends everywhere. His best friends were the pioneers, for he was planting more than trees. He was planting his own boundless faith and courage. That gave folks new heart, new hope in the job they had to do. As more pioneers came to push back the forest, the kindly deeds of Johnny Appleseed spread throughout the land. More than once, with a good jubilee, folks would honour Johnny Appleseed and the fruit of the apple tree. Come out to the right of the ring. Inside arch. Ain't gonna rain, got no thunder. First and third, follow swing. Come out of the ring. I'll swing yours and you swing mine. I'll swing my girl. Go straight to a do-si-do kicking out dough. A little bit of roll, home we go. If John was passing, he'd mosey over and look in on the doings. It tickled him how the fruit of his labours brought folks together. Now, duck for the apple. Thank you, son. Apple core! Bite that apple to the core. Ready now. Men left with the left hand. Back to your partner Whirl them right, whirl them wrong, right then left. Apple core! Look at the pretty girl's eye once more. Come and get it! The table's set! It's all waiting to be ate. Come and get it! Apple pickle. Mighty tasty. Apple butter. Apple pastry. Apple dumplings. Like some apple sass? Johnny brought folks a heap of happiness. He wasn't looking for thanks. Didn't have time for it. He knowed a man can't rest if he aims to plant the wilderness in apple trees. So for more than 40 years, John walked and planted that old frontier. 40 years of walking and planting. In that space of two score year, this little man throwed his shadow clear across the land, across 100,000 miles square. In that shadow everywhere, he left his blessings three. God and faith And the apple tree For sleeping, you take the cake. Get up. We've a long trip to make. Why, Mr Angel, howdy do? I'm fine. And how be you? I'm fine.Just feeling Who's that, sleeping in the dusk? That's just your mortal husk. My husk? You mean to say I'm I'm passed away? I just can't go! Got crops to harvest, seeds to sow. Now, now, now, hold on, boy! Down here on earth, your work is through. But yonder, well, we need you, Johnny. Yep, we sure do. You think we have most all we please, but we ain't. We're kind of short on apple trees. Well, I swan! I didn't know. What are we waiting for? Come on, let's go! We're wasting time, let's get going Get them apple trees growing There's a lot of work up there to do There's a lot of work to do! Now you know why, whenever I see that certain sky, I think of little John. If you recall, them clouds ain't really clouds at all. They're apple blossoms if you please from John's heavenly orchard of apple trees. And some day there'll be apples there For everyone in the world to share The Lord is good to me!
  Just think of all the things that apples make
Just think of all the things that apples make
  Back to your partner
Back to your partner
  Get them apple trees growing
Get them apple trees growing
  Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed
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