A Very Goofy Christmas

watch a segment of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas movie made by Walt Disney Home Video in 1999 who tell us "a story both wondrous and rare, about a father and a son and the love that they share."

Quotes NARRATOR: This Christmas they'll learn before the night's through, if we care for each other, our dreams can come true.

GOOFY: Look at this All nice and neat and ready for ol' Santy! Merry Christmas Eve, Pete!
PETE: Why, if it ain't the goof master himself.
GOOFY: Say, we got us some more work to do, Max, or Santy won't find our chimney...
PETE: Ain't that quaint? The goof brain thinks there's a Santy Claus.
MAX: There isn't?
PETE: Like father, like goof. Kid's got the goof gene in his bloodstream.
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MAX: There is too a Santa!
PETE: Now, son, come here. See, it's an urbane myth, like that Locked Ness Monstrosity, and the fella with the sweets takes cheques. Well, think of it. An old guy in a red suit cruising the entire world in one night, using reindeer what fly. Why, it's impossible! Look, kid, I've been around, see. I've been to foreign lands, like Brooklyn, and I've never seen, nor met a soul who's seen, this Santy Claus fella.
GOOFY: Look, Maxie, I found the front door
PETE: So long, neighbours! Have a very merry Christmas! And a happy New Year!
GOOFY: Hey, how about giving your old man a hand? What is it, Maxie? Why, you look like Santy Claus put a lump of coal in your stocking?
MAX: I heard there isn't any Santa Claus.
GOOFY: Who went and told you a silly thing like that?
MAX: Mr Pete
GOOFY: Well, that figures. Of course there's a Santy. Or we'd have out-of-work elves.
MAX: You think?
GOOFY: Think? Heck, I'm sure. Son, have I ever been wrong? A broken clock is right two or three times a day, and this time I'm right. Believe me, Santa won't let you down.
MAX: You really think he'll come?
GOOFY: Why, as sure as pigs fly.
MAX: Hey, Dad, what did you ask for from Santa?
GOOFY: You know, just the usual.
MAX: What's that?
GOOFY: It's a surprise! Now, plug her in and let the joy of Christmas shine. That'll put the spirit of Christmas in you.

Crew and cast
Directed by Jun Falkenstein and Bill Speers; screenplay by Scott Gorden, Tom Nance and Carter Crocker; with Bill Farmer as Goofy; Shaun Fleming as Max; Jim Cummings as Pete, Santa Claus, Police, shopper, and the Mailman; Pat Musick as Shopper and Mrs. Anderson; Gregg Berger as Shopper and Mr. Anderson; Taylor Dempsey as Jimmy Anderson; Mae Whitman as Girl.