Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas

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watch a segment of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas movie made by Walt Disney Home Video in 1999 who tells a story for us all to hear, about laughter and family, and those we hold dear. We love Christmas so much, we want it to stay. But what if we wished it was here every day?

Quotes HUEY: Oh, boy Just what we always wanted.
LOUIE: Hey, look at this!
DEWEY: Cool!
DONALD DUCK: Merry Christmas, boys! You know we have to wait for the family.
DONALD'S NEPHEWS: Sorry, Uncle Donald.
DONALD DUCK: Ah, it's Christmas, and I've got a special surprise for you. But boys, you didn't even read the card.
DEWEY: We'll read it later.
DAISY: Merry Christmas, everybody!
UNCLE SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas, indeed!
AUNT GERTIE: Where are my boys and my kisses? I could just eat you up.
DAISY: Oh, Donald?

LOUIE: Boy, those guys sure like that choo-choo.
DEWEY: They're gonna play with it again today?
HUEY: Let's play with our new toys!
LOUIE: They're gone!
HUEY: Hey, what is this?
DEWEY: Didn't we open these yesterday?
LOUIE: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
DEWEY: There's only one way to find out. We're gonna have to open these presents.
DONALD DUCK: Merry Christmas!
DEWEY: Uncle Donald, we did it!
LOUIE: It's Christmas again!
HUEY: It's Christmas again, Uncle Donald!
LOUIE: Two days in a row!
DONALD DUCK: You boys must have been dreaming...
DEWEY: We almost forgot about our special surprise!
AUNT GERTIE: Where are my kisses? I could just eat you up.
DEWEY: We should have seen that coming.

Crew and cast

Directed by Bradley Raymond, screenplay by Charlie Cohen, with Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck; Diane Michelle as Daisy Duck; Russi Taylor as Huey, Dewey, Louie; Tress MacNeille as Aunt Gurtie; Alan Young as Uncle Scrooge McDuck.