Mickey & Minnie's Gift of the Magi

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movie made by Walt Disney Home Video in 1999; not fancy, flashy or special at all but this gift can be given by the rich or the poor, it's a gift of the heart, and it means so much more.

Quotes MICKEY: There it is, Pluto. The perfect gift to go with Minnie's watch. My Minnie! They close at five I'm a little short now, but you and I are gonna make lots of tips today. Aren't we, fella?
MICKEY: After work we'll pick it up. Let's get this tree to Minnie's.

PETE: Hurry, folks, only one more day till Christmas. Easy credit! No money down! This stuff works pretty good.
MICKEY: Merry Christmas!
PETE: I'll be merry when I've sold all those ten-footers. Why are you standing there with your face hanging out? Get to work!
MICKEY: OK, fella. You know what to do. Shake a leg.
PETE: Quit slacking. There's a customer waiting.
ECCENTRIC LADY: Do be careful of the paint
MICKEY: Yes, ma'am!
ECCENTRIC LADY: Such a nice young man. Here's a little something for you.
MICKEY: I don't expect anything. I'm just glad to help. Oh, boy. Thank you, ma'am, thank you! Hot dog. We'll be able to get Minnie that watch chain.

MINNIE: I love Christmas so much! Say, Mickey, why don't you play some music?
MICKEY: Isn't it time we were opening our presents, and speaking of time, what time is it?
MINNIE: Well, I think it's time for you to open your gift.
MICKEY: A case, for my harmonica
MINNIE: A chain for my watch. Oh Mickey, it's beautiful, but I traded my watch to get you that case.
MICKEY: And I traded my harmonica to get you a watch chain.
MINNIE: Oh, Mickey, I can't believe you gave up what means the most to you, for me.
MICKEY: Oh Minnie, you're all the music I'll ever need.
MINNIE: Merry Christmas, Mickey!
MICKEY: Merry Christmas, Minnie!
MINNIE: Want some fruitcake?

Crew and cast

Directed by Toby Shelton; screenplay by Richard Cray and Temple Mathews; with Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse; Russi Taylor as Minnie; Bill Farmer as Pluto; Frank Welker as Figaro; Diane Michelle as Daisy Duck; Jeff Bennett as Store Announcer, Customer, Mr. Mortimer and Firefighter #2; Jim Cummings as Pete, Dad, Store Owner and the Fire Chief; April Winchell as Mom, Old Woman and Firewomen; Taylor Dempsey as Kid #1; Kylie Dempsey as Kid #2 and Little Girl; Andrew McDonaugh as Boy.
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