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quotes from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999) with Goofy, Max, Pete, and snapshot picture;
MAX: Course there's a Santa. GOOFY: Believe me, Santa won't let you down. PETE: An old guy in a red suit, cruising the entire world in one night, using reindeer what fly... Why, it's impossible! GOOFY: Hiya, Maxie! Wanna help? MAX: Did you know that there are two billion children in the world? GOOFY: No wonder I keep tripping over roller skates. MAX: That means Santa would have to make 800 visits a second, not including bathroom breaks. GOOFY: Well, I guess old Santy's been at it so long, he figured out the short cuts. Looks like it's gonna be a white Christmas! MAX: Dad, this is serious! GOOFY: I know, son, but... Gosh! Something sure smells mighty tasty... MAX: But how can a reindeer fly? GOOFY: That's easy, it's those antlers, they... You know, with the wind and all, that creates lift... Hot! MAX: Still, it's a lot of work for one guy. GOOFY: That's why we leave him cookies, for a pick-me-up. MAX: Just doesn't quite make sense, Dad! GOOFY: Chestnuts!
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