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quotes from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999) with Daisy, Minnie, Mr. Mortimer, and snapshot picture;
DAISY: I've never seen it so busy. Who made you Santa's number one helper? MINNIE: I want to get Mickey something special. Without that Christmas bonus, I'm sunk. DAISY: Hello! Okey-dokey! Bye! Mr. Mortimer wants to see you in his office right away. MINNIE: My Christmas bonus! MR. MORTIMER: Ginny! MINNIE: That's Minnie! MR. MORTIMER: Right, I've been making a list and checking it twice, and I found that you have been Santa's best little helper this season. Your hard work is about to be rewarded. Close your eyes and hold out your hands. MINNIE: Oh, Mr Mortimer, I can't thank you enough. MR. MORTIMER: Yes, I know. Don't interrupt. Penny... MINNIE: That's Minnie. MR. MORTIMER: Whatever. On behalf of the store, it gives me great pleasure to present you with your Christmas bonus. MINNIE: A fruitcake? MR. MORTIMER: No need to thank me. The expression on your face is thanks enough. Scoot along to the gift-wrapping department where you belong. And, Winnie! Merry Christmas!
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