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quotes from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999) with snapshot picture;
One time a year, there's a marvellous night,
when enchantment and wonder spark and take flight.
Each home fills with joy on this grand holiday,
with hearts growing warm in a magical way.

The rooms are all covered with garment and wreaths,
the mantel is ready with stockings beneath,
lights twinkle and glow and bells brightly chime,
the moment's arrived, it's here, Christmas time.

We love Christmas so much, we want it to stay
but what if we wished it was here every day?

So Christmas was meant to last just one day
and maybe it's better that way.
It's a time to be treasured, it can't always be here,
but the feeling it gives us can last the whole year.
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This Christmas they'll learn before the night's through,
if we care for each other, our dreams can come true.
So, Christmas is found in the way we live,
not what we receive, but what we can give.

A gift from the heart is cherished and true.
A present is best when love's given, too.
So in the end, love is the reason
that Christmas is more than a gift-giving season.

It's a time with our loved ones to show that we care,
when families and neighbours come together to share.
So, this Christmas season, let us all do our parts
to keep Christmas spirit alive in our hearts.
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