Mickey's Christmas Carol part 3 The Spirits of Present and Future

Pictures and full quotes SCROOGE MCDUCK: Why was I so foolishWhy was I so foolish? Why? Why? What's this?
WILLIE THE GIANT AS GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell... I mean, I smell a stingy little Englishman. I think I do. Yeah, I do.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Please, let me go. Don't eat me.
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Why would the Ghost of Christmas Present, that's meWhy would the Ghost of Christmas Present, that's me, want to eat a distasteful little miser like you? Especially when there are so many good things to enjoy in life. See?
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Mince pies. Turkeys. Suckling Pig...
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: And don't forget the chocolate pot roast with "pishmachio", with "smishmachio" With... with yogurt.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: But where did all this come from?
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: From the heart, Scrooge. It's the food of generosity which you have long denied your fellow manIt's the food of generosity which you have long denied your fellow man. SCROOGE MCDUCK: Generosity? Nobody has ever shown me generosity.
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: You've never given them reason to. And yet, there are some who still find enough warmth in their hearts even for the likes of you.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: No acquaintance of mine, I assure you.
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: You'll see. Here we are.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Why did you bring me to this old shack?
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: This is the home of your overworked, underpaid employee, Bob CratchitThis is the home of your overworked, underpaid employee, Bob Cratchit. SCROOGE MCDUCK: What's she cooking? A canary? Surely they have more food than that. Look on the fire.
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: That's your laundry.
BOB CRATCHIT: Not yet, children. We must wait for Tiny Tim.
TINY TIM: Coming, Father. I'm coming. Oh my, look at all the wonderful things to eat. We must thank Mr. Scrooge.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Tell me, spirit, what's wrong with that kind lad?
GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Much, I'm afraid. If these shadows remain unchanged, I see an empty chair where Tiny Tim once sat.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Then that means Tim will... Where did they go? Spirit, where are you? Don't go! You must tell me about Tim. Don't go! SCROOGE MCDUCK: Where did... Who are you? Are you the Ghost of Christmas FutureAre you the Ghost of Christmas Future? Please, speak to me. Tell me, what will happen to Tiny Tim? Oh, no. Spirit, I didn't want this to happen. Tell me these events can yet be changed.
BEGGER DOG: I've never seen a funeral like this one.
WEASEL GRAVEDIGGER: Aye, no mourners, no friends to bid him farewell.
BEGGER DOG: Well, let's rest a minute afore we fill it in? He ain't going nowheres.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Spirit! Whose lonely grave is this?
PETE AS GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE: Why, yours, Ebenezer, the richest man in the cemeteryEbenezer, the richest man in the cemetery. SCROOGE MCDUCK: Please. No, no, no. I'll change...
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Spirit, let me out, let me out! I'll... I'm back in my own room. It's Christmas morning. I haven't missed it. The spirits have given me another chanceThe spirits have given me another chance. I know just what I'll do. They'll be so surprised. What a wonderful day! There's so much to do. So much to do. I can't go out like this. There, that's better.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas to one and all. Well, bless me. Good morning, gentlemen. I have something for you.
COLLECTOR FOR THE POOR 1: Twenty gold sovereigns? Oh, no!
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Not enough? Well, all right. Fifty gold sovereigns.
COLLECTOR FOR THE POOR 2: Really, Mr. Scrooge, it's...
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Still not enough? Aye, you drive a hard bargain. Here you are. One hundred gold pieces and not a penny moreOne hundred gold pieces and not a penny more. Not a penny more.
COLLECTOR FOR THE POOR 1: Thank you, Mr. Scrooge. Thank you. And a Merry Christmas to you.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
NEPHEW FRED: Uncle Scrooge.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: I'm looking forward to that wonderful meal of yoursI'm looking forward to that wonderful meal of yours. NEPHEW FRED: Well, I'll be doggone. You mean you're coming?
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Of course I am. You know how much I like candied fruits with spiced sugar cakes. I'll be over promptly at 2:00. Keep it piping hot.
NEPHEW FRED: I will, Uncle Scrooge. I will and a very Merry Christmas to you.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas, and keep the change. Wonderful lads. And now for Cratchit.
BOB CRATCHIT: Why, Mr. Scrooge. Merry Christmas. Won't you come in?
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas! I have another bundle for you.
BOB CRATCHIT: But, sir, it's Christmas day.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Christmas day, indeed. Just another excuse for being lazy. And another thing, Cratchit. I've had enough of this half-day-off stuff. You leave me no alternative but to give you...
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Yes, toys. No, no, no. I'm giving you a raise, and making you my partner.
BOB CRATCHIT: A partner? Thank you, Mr. Scrooge.
SCROOGE MCDUCK: Merry Christmas, Bob.
TINY TIM: And God bless us, every one. NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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