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Christmas Maximus

watch a segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie made by Disney Toon Studios in 2004
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directed and story by Theresa Pettengill; screenplay by Bill Motz, Bob Roth and Shirley Pierce where when a father (Goofy) and son (Max Goof) end up miles apart, they can see eye-to-eye when hey act heart-to-heart Movie transcript with snapshot pictures MONA: Max, I'm really looking forward to meeting your dad. MAX GOOF: Yeah, about my dad. I just want to warn you. He's a little different. MONA: Oh, Max, I'm sure he's greatMONA: Oh, Max, I'm sure he's great. MAX GOOF: Don't get me wrong. He's really funny. He makes people laugh, usually at him, but he can be a bit clumsy, accident-prone, disaster waiting to happen. I'd better give him a call. GOOFY (SINGING): I was strollin' through the park one day / In the merry, merry month of May / I was taken by surprise ... GOOFY: Surprise? That must be Maxie. Hello? MAX GOOF: Hey, Dad, it's me. GOOFY: Maxie! MAX GOOF: Max. Dad, I need to talk to youI need to talk to you. GOOFY: How's the weather up there? MAX GOOF: It's cold. Dad, this is important. GOOFY: You wearing the scarf I knitted for you? MAX GOOF: Yeah, Dad, every day. Listen, remember I told you about the girl I'm bringing home for Christmasabout the girl I'm bringing home for Christmas? GOOFY: This Christmas? MAX GOOF: Yes, Dad. Mona, remember? And I want to make a good impression. I was kind of wondering if you could kind of play it, you know, cool? GOOFY: Oh, gotcha. Don't worry, son. We'll give her a Christmas she'll never forget! MAX GOOF: Yep. That's what I'm afraid of. (Make Me Look Good, music and lyrics by Jim Wise, performed by Tom Leonard as Max Goof and Chorus) I've got a boatload of butterflies / In my belly / I'm short of breath with legs of jelly / Feel like I'm floatin' / 'Bout five feet off the ground. / So I've got to ask for just one big favor / That my Dad be on his best behavior / When he sees the two of us aroundWhen he sees the two of us around / I'm gonna try to face the holidays fearlesslyto face the holidays fearlessly / And I hope he'll do his best / Not to embarrass me. / Make me look good! / Make me shine! / If you make me look good / I just might get to make her mine / Make me look goodMake me look good! / You have the tendency to frustrate me / Seems that you humiliate me / Every single time you get the chance / Is it any wonder that I'm so frantic? / What with all your crazy antics / Ruining all my chances for romance / I don't expect you to become Sir Henry Dignified / But could you just try to prove / That you were on my side / Make me look good! / Make me shine! / If you make me look good / I just might get to make her mine / Make me look good. GOOFY: Oh, that Mona. She's really something. You sure know how to pick 'em, Maxie. MAX GOOF: Max. It's Max, all right? GOOFY: Gawrsh! It's freezin' out. Come on inside, son. We'll make cookies. MAX GOOF: Dad! GOOFY: And sing carols. MAX GOOF: Dad, please! I'm just going to take a walk. GOOFY: Be careful! MAX GOOF: I only wanted to make a good impression / Now I must make a confession / Wish I hadn't acted selfishly / I guess I should apologize to you / After all you've filled my life with laughteryou've filled my life with laughter / No doubt about it. / You've been so good to me / I don't know why I was so worried / 'Cause, strange but true / You're my one and only Dad / And I'm so proud of you! / You made me look good, / You made me shine, / You made me look so good / It looks like I'm gonna make her mine / You made me look good! / Everything's fine. / Everything's fine / You made me look so good! / It looks like I'm gonna make her mine / You made me look good!
MAX GOOF: Awesome Christmas, Dad! This is great!
GOOFY: Aw, shucks.
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