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Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas

watch a segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie made by Disney Toon Studios in 2004
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directed by Matthew O'Callaghan; story by Colin Goldman and Matthew O'Callaghan; screenplay by Michael Shipley, Jim Bernstein and Shirley Pierce, where Mickey learned what he'd missed from the start: bells and holly mean little without friends in your heart. Movie transcript with snapshot pictures MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, Pluto, guess what?MICKEY MOUSE: Hey, Pluto, guess what? I got more decorations. Easy, pal. These are special. And breakable. Hey, I see you. Who's my pal? That's right. You are, Pluto. Well, we better get busy. We have lots to do for our big Christmas bash. I know what you're looking for. Be patient. You'll get to put the star on the tree. Look out! Pluto, you got to be more careful. Now sit. Stay. Good boy. Just forget all about that star. Hello? MINNIE: Hi, Mickey. It's me. How's everything going for the party? MICKEY MOUSE: Almost done. This is going to be my best Christmas party everThis is going to be my best Christmas party ever. MINNIE: Mickey, you're not overdoing it again, are you? MICKEY MOUSE: No, no. I've cut way back this year. Less is more, I always say. Minnie, you're going to love it. Why, I've got candy canes, eggless egg nog... Pluto! No! No! MINNIE: Mickey, is everything all right over there?Mickey, is everything all right over there? Mickey? MICKEY MOUSE: Just perfect. I got to go. Pluto! Look at this mess. I had the perfect party and now it's the perfect disaster. Christmas is ruined. Well, if I really hurry, I suppose I can get to St. Knickknacks Megamall before closing. Haven't you done enough already? Go to your dog house!Go to your dog house! I mean it, Pluto! Get out and stay out! Man's best friend. MICKEY MOUSE VOICE OFF: Who's my pal? Not you! Christmas is ruined and you ruined it. Get out and stay out! Wait. Did I mention you ruined Christmas? Well, then, stay out! MICKEY MOUSE: I'm making great time. This shortcut is a lifesaver. At least not much is broken. I'd have to be a sorcerer to clean up this mess. BLITZEN: How about you watch where you're sticking those antlers next time, huh? Gentlemen. An excellent drill if you're a flying donkey. Now, come on. We have to be on our best game, or we lose our payloadWe have to be on our best game, or we lose our payload. DONNER: Oh, boy, you got that right, Blitzen. Like the sleigh crash of '64. You remember that? BLITZEN: Donner, I told you never... DONNER: I've never seen so many toys scattered. BLITZEN: That barn came out of nowhere. DONNER: Hey, who's hungry? Let's hit the trough, guys, huh? BLITZEN: Wait a minute. I'm the leader here. Hey, who's hungry? Let's hit the trough. Who cares? Let's just eat. Remember, now, easy on the grub. We've all read the story. We're supposed to be eight tiny reindeer. PRANCER: What? DONNER: Oh, man! Grain again? I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. I'm not kidding, but not a dog.I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. I'm not kidding, but not a dog. BLITZEN: Look here: no collar. DONNER: Do you think he's a stray? BLITZEN: He strayed pretty far. DONNER: Hey, what do you think? What do you think? Can we keep him? Can we? BLITZEN: Yeah, that's a good idea. DONNER: I knew you'd agree! You know what we'll name him? BLITZEN: I was just kidding. DONNER: Brace yourself for genius. There can only be one name for this dog. Want to hear it? BLITZEN: No. DONNER: Murray. ALL: Murray? DONNER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, like Murray Christmas. BLITZEN: Oh, my head. MICKEY MOUSE: Well, I don't need my sunglasses, but it'll do. Something's missing. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hey, pal, I finished decorating. Well, almost. There's just one thing left. Aw, come on, Pluto. Who's my pal? Who's my pal? Pal? Buddy? Hello? Aw, no. MINNIE: Hello. MICKEY MOUSE: Minnie, it's me. MINNIE: Thanks for the jingle. I'm not ho, ho, home but leave me some Christmas cheer.I'm not ho, ho, home but leave me some Christmas cheer. MICKEY MOUSE: Pluto's run away. I got to find him.Pluto's run away. I got to find him. He's probably freezing all alone, miserable. Christmas is ruined. This is just terrible. Cancel the party. Oh, this is Mickey. BLITZEN: All right, inspection, you jingle-headed quadrupeds. Line up. Now what? DONNER: Look, he's after winky! BLITZEN: Heads up! All right, who let the dog out? COMET: Get that! Aw, perfect! DONNER: Hey, Murray, what, do you think those ornaments grow on trees? Well, they do! BLITZEN: Yeah, that never gets old. Enough reindeer games. Back to the sky, boys. We need to shave three minutes off our flight time. DONNER: Blitzen, wait. I've got another genius idea. BLITZEN: Please share. NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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