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Christmas: Impossible Santa's list

watch a segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie made by Disney Toon Studios in 2004
Movie transcript with snapshot pictures HUEY: Dewey! Hey, Dewey, you got the key? There it is. ELF 2: It took forever to stack these Jailbreak Bob toysIt took forever to stack these Jailbreak Bob toys. HUEY: Jailbreak Bob? JAILBREAK BOB: Let me out, see? I was framed, see? I didn't do it, see? ELF 2: No worries. Accidents happen. We got to get all these keys back into the jails. These dolls still have to be wrapped. DEWEY: But he lost the key to the men's room. ELF 2: No problem. Whichever key doesn't fit is yoursWhichever key doesn't fit is yours. Let's move. ELF 3: I'll start over here. HUEY: Whoa. What a mess. DEWEY: I'll help. JAILBREAK BOB: Let me out. Let me out, see? My brother did it, see? I'm bustin' out of here. I'll pull your string. Let me out! Let me out! ELF 3: Hey, I got a defective key over here. What'll I do with it? ELF 1: I don't know. Throw it at Morty. DEWEY: No, wait! Come on! Follow that key! ELF 2: Hey, aren't you guys going to help restack these? HUEY: Sure. Be right with you. ELF 2: They aren't coming back, are they? ELF 1: Here you go. ELF 4: Got it. Here's another. ELF 1: All right. ELF 4: This one's empty. There you are. JAILBREAK BOB: Quit eyeballin' me, see? Oh! That hurt, see? HUEY: It's got to be here somewhere. DEWEY: Where is it? LOUIE: Hey, I got it! I got it! ELF 2: Oh, no! Look what they've doneLook what they've done! DEWEY: Give me that, you. Let's get out of here. SANTA'S WORKSHOP ANNOUNCER: Emergency! Emergency! We are at Elf Con One. Don't panic! Thank you. DEWEY: To the list! We're running out of time! HUEY: Hey, what's the big ... SANTA CLAUS: Oh, goodness me. I'm terribly sorry. Sometimes it's hard to see past the old tum tum. Hey, you found my key! Thanks, boys. I've been looking for this. Got to check that list one more time, you knowGot to check that list one more time, you know. ELF 4: Santa, come quick, it's a disasterSanta, come quick, it's a disaster. We're way off schedule. Christmas is ruined! SANTA CLAUS: Ho ho ho! How bad could it be? ELF 4: Remember the sleigh crash of '64? SANTA CLAUS: That bad? ELF 4: Worse! Look! SANTA CLAUS: Now, that's bad. I'd better get down there. ELF 4: Christmas is ruined! DEWEY: What have we done? We really made a mess of things. LOUIE: We ruined Christmas for every kid in the whole entire worldWe ruined Christmas for every kid in the whole entire world. DEWEY: Uncle Scrooge was right. We'll never clean up our act. Hey, but we can clean up our mess! What do you say, fellas? LOUIE: Excuse me. I'm out of ... ELF 1: That's a wrap. You see, I'm a wrapping elf and I said that to forget it. DEWEY: All right! We did it! SANTA CLAUS: Ho ho! Congratulations, everybody. Ho ho! SANTA'S WORKSHOP ANNOUNCER: Attention! There's a celebration in progress in all departments. All elves are to party down and, Santa, you shake that bowl full of jelly! Sorry. Got carried away. HUEY: It's been fun, fellas. See you. Bye. DEWEY: Take care of yourselves. HUEY: We ruined Christmas and then saved it, all in one day. How many kids can say thatHow many kids can say that? LOUIE: Yeah, but I guess there's no presents for us this year. HUEY: We were this close to getting on the good list. DEWEY: Close, but we still failed. Or did we? LOUIE: Whoa, Santa's listWhoa, Santa's list! HUEY: And he checks this twice? ELF 2: Hey, you're not supposed to be in here! You know the rules. DEWEY: There's an emergency in sporting goods! Someone tossed their Christmas cookies! ELF 2: Oh, dear! Step aside! Duty calls! DEWEY: All right, now, what do we got here? HUEY: Look, a list for every city. DEWEY: Oh, you're right. New York, London, Paris, Beijing and Duckburg! LOUIE: Yep. We were right. Our names are nowhere on this thing. DEWEY: Not for long. Pencil, Huey. This is it, boys. Everything we've worked for. LOUIE: We'll show Uncle Scrooge. What are you waiting for? Good thinking. That'll show him. DEWEY: This is going to be the best Christmas everThis is going to be the best Christmas ever. ALL: All right! HUEY: Yeah! DEWEY: Hey, the box said fragile! HUEY: You think it worked? DEWEY: I sure hope so. LOUIE: Look! HUEY: There it is! LOUIE: Whoa! That Santa's scary fast. I can hardly wait. DAISY: Good morning. Merry Christmas, everyone. DONALD DUCK: Step aside! Coming through! DAISY: Donald! Where are your manners? SCROOGE MCDUCK: Good morning, boys. Up and dressed already? Would you look at that? Is that for you laddies? DEWEY: Actually, it's for you, Uncle Scrooge. SCROOGE MCDUCK: For me? LOUIE: It's from Santa. SCROOGE MCDUCK: Really? Should I open it? ALL: Yeah! SCROOGE MCDUCK: It's what I've wanted since I was a wee lad in the Highlands. DONALD DUCK: You wanted bagpipes? DEWEY: I guess you finally made it onto Santa's good listI guess you finally made it onto Santa's good list. Mission accomplished. DONALD DUCK: Boys! There are more presents back here! ALL: There are? DEWEY: Aw, cool! LOUIE: Whoa! HUEY: Hey, look! I got a train! DEWEY: Look at my glider! LOUIE: Hey, look! I got a Jailbreak Bob! JAILBREAK BOB: Be good this year, see? And have a merry Christmas. DONALD DUCK: Where? DAISY: Is this what you're looking for? DONALD DUCK: That's it! Oh, boy! DAISY: What'd you get? The Big Book of Manners? DONALD DUCK: Ha ha ha. Very funny. DEWEY: I don't get it. Why do you suppose Santa gave us presents, too? LOUIE: Hey, fellas, look. HUEY: It's from Santa. Dear boys, there's always room on my list for those who think of others first. Keep up the good work. Oh, and thanks for the help in the toy shop. Love, Santa. DEWEY: P.S. you might need these. LOUIE: Marshmallows! DEWEY: Those aren't marshmallows. DONALD DUCK: Boy, that's bad on the ear. DAISY: Oh, Donald. NARRATOR: They started out selfish those rascally brothers but made Christmas magic by thinking of others. NOTE: To watch the pictures in high resolution, click on them

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