Let these things go

video quotes from Mulan (1998) with Mushu, Cri-kee, Khan, Mulan
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MULAN: Maybe I didn't go for my father. Maybe what I really wanted was to prove I could do things rightI really wanted was to prove I could do things right. So when I looked in the mirror, I'd see someone worthwhile. But I was wrong. I see nothing. MUSHU: That's just 'cause this needs a little spit, that's all. Let me shine this up for ya. I can see you. Look at you. You look so pretty. The truth is, we're both frauds. Your ancestors never sent me. They don't even like me. I mean, you risked your life to help people you love. I risked your life to help myself. At least you had good intentions. What? What do you mean you're not lucky? You lied to me? And what are you, a sheep? MULAN: I'll have to face my father sooner or later, let's go homesooner or later, let's go home.
MUSHU: Yeah. This ain't gonna be pretty. But don't you worry, okay? Things will work out. We started this thing together, and that's how we'll finish it. I promise.
MUSHU: Uh, home is that way. MULAN: I have to do something.
MUSHU: Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow! Like daisies!
MULAN: Are we in this together or not?
MUSHU: Well, let's go kick some hunny buns! Yee-haw!

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