You will join us Captain

video quotes from Mulan (1998) with General Li, Shang, Chi Fu
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SHANG: Captain? CHI FU: This is an enormous responsibility, General. Perhaps a soldier with more experience GENERAL LI: Number one in his class, extensive knowledge of training techniques, an impressive military lineage. I believe Li Shang will do an excellent job. SHANG: Oh, I will, I won't let you downI will, I won't let you down. This is I mean, yes sir. GENERAL LI: Very good then. We'll toast China's victory at the imperial city. I'll expect a full report in three weeks. CHI FU: And I won't leave anything out. SHANG: Captain Li Shang, leader of China's finest troopsCaptain Li Shang, leader of China's finest troops.
No. The greatest troops of all time.
CHI FU: Most impressive.
GENERAL LI: Good luck, Captain.
SHANG: Good luck, Father.

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