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Mulan II video quotes - Children all love Mulan

Quotes from Mulan II with Fa Li, Grandmother Fa, Sha-Ron, Mulan, and snapshot picture FA LI: Hello, Sha-Ron. SHA-RON: Is Fa Mulan here? FA LI: She's out in the field. GRANDMOTHER FA: Yeah, doing her chores. SHA-RON: I'll go help her. Thank you. FA LI: The children all love Mulan. GRANDMOTHER FA: And why not? She's strong, she's brave, she's beautiful. She's a chip off the old block. MULAN: It's okay, Little Brother. What's going on here? SHA-RON: We want to be like you, Fa Mulan. MULAN: But I'm still learning myself. THE CHILDREN: Please. MULAN: Okay. I guess I can show you a few moves. SHA-RON: Mulan's gonna teach us how to kick butt. THE CHILDREN: Hooray! MULAN: Hold it, calm down. That's lesson number two. The first and most important lesson is to be gentle. At the same time, we're being tough. GIRL: How can you be tough and gentle? SHA-RON: Yeah, I want to be tough. THE CHILDREN: Yeah! MULAN: I know it does sound a little funny, huh? But the world is full of opposites, and so are you. To be a good warrior, you must bring it all into balance. Let's see if this helps.   Mulan II - Children all love Mulan - snapshot picture