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Mulan II video quotes - Could talk to them

Quotes from Mulan II with Princess Ting Ting, Ling, Princess Mei, Yao, Princess Su, Chien Po, Mulan, General Li Shang, and snapshot picture PRINCESS TING-TING: We're so sorry for what we've done. PRINCESS MEI: You inspired us to follow our hearts, and we repay you by ruining your relationship. MULAN: No, you just opened my eyes to how broken it was. I'm indebted to you.
GENERAL LI SHANG: Keep a sharp eye. This is bandit country.
LING: I sure wish we could talk to the princesses.
YAO: What? You know we can't. Yes, I also wish we could talk to them. But as you know, orders is orders.
LING: Yes, but if I could talk to them, do you know what I would say?
YAO: No, what would you say if only you could?
LING: I'd tell Ting-Ting that she's the prettiest, funniest, most extraordinary girl I've ever met.
CHIEN-PO: I would tell Princess Su that she is like fresh ginger on the rice bowl of my life.
YAO: And I would tell Mei that she's one right babe.
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