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Mulan II video quotes - Happy day getting married

Quotes from Mulan II with General Li Shang, Mulan, Grandmother Fa, Mushu, and snapshot picture; MUSHU: Oh, what a happy day. My little baby's getting married. MULAN: Mushu, someone will hear you. MUSHU: I can't help it. You know dragons are very emotional. Seems like just last month, you and I were saving China. MULAN: It was last month. MUSHU: How time flies. You know, this must be a magical moment for you. MULAN: It's not every day I get engaged. MUSHU: I meant telling me you're engaged. I'm the guy that gave you and pretty boy the hook-up. Am I a guardian, or am I a guardian? MULAN: You're more than that, Mushu. You're my most trusted friend. MUSHU: Oh, that did it. MULAN: Are you crying again? MUSHU: No, I just got some exfoliating cream in my eye. Of course I'm crying, girl. What you think? Oh, Mulan. I'm just so happy for me. MULAN: You? MUSHU: This wedding business is a big status boost for me. When the ancestors look up the career ladder, all they're gonna see is my behind. MULAN: So glad my getting married is helping you out. MUSHU: All right, I get you, Miss Missy. But I'm thinking about you too. I'll plan your wedding. I gotta work me up a theme. Theme is everything. How about "Rainbow of Memories?" That's too junior prom. I've got it. The theme is, "Think Pink." You know, pink is the new red. It's simple, it says it. Watch my smoke. Cri-kee, to the fabric store.   Mulan II - Happy day getting married - snapshot picture
GENERAL LI SHANG: Mulan, seems your grandma invited someone to help us celebrate the engagement. MULAN: Really? Who? GENERAL LI SHANG: China. ALL: Congratulations! GRANDMOTHER FA: Isn't it wonderful? Sorry it's sort of slapdash. It took us by surprise, you know. Make way for the happy couple.