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Mulan II video quotes - You are just different

Quotes from Mulan II with General Li Shang, Mulan, Mushu, and snapshot picture; MUSHU: Mulan, what do you say to a little pick-me-up? MULAN: My father said, "Differences can make you stronger." He didn't realise that Shang and I are just too different. MUSHU: Well, you know, you've always got me. The old team, right? MULAN: You're always looking out for me, Mushu! MUSHU: Just doing the best I can. MULAN: Really, I just don't know what I'd do without you. You're the best friend I've ever had. MUSHU: I can't stand it no more. The only thing wrong with you and Shang is me. I'm the one that got between you. MULAN: What are you talking about? You didn't make the carriage go into the river. MUSHU: That was an accident, following several attempts at on purpose. MULAN: It wasn't you outside Shang's tent. MUSHU: You know how I gab. MULAN: You woke him up after I left? MUSHU: It wasn't easy. That man can sleep. MULAN: What did you do? MUSHU: I was banging pots and pans... MULAN: No. What did you do? MUSHU: You was getting married. Everything was gonna change. I was gonna lose you. And my pedestal. MULAN: You got between Shang and me so you could keep your job? MUSHU: I'm sorry.   Mulan II - You are just different - snapshot picture
MULAN: What you did was unforgivable. MUSHU: But you and Shang are so different. MULAN: Wait a second. Not as different as I thought. All those problems, they weren't us. They were you.