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Got the upper hook

with Captain Hook, Jane, Mr. Smee, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Cubby, Nibs, Slightly, The Twins, Toodles, and snapshot picture Quotes from Peter Pan JANE: Not so fast, you old codfish or you'll have to answer to me. LOST BOYS: Hooray! PETER PAN: Jane? CAPTAIN HOOK: Good heavens! Run! Run for your lives! It's...a little girl. PETER PAN: Tinker Bell! You're alive! MR. SMEE: Oh, and look, Captain, a fairy, too. Ha ha ha! CAPTAIN HOOK: Don't just stand there, you fools. Get the girl. Oh! Destroy them young tykes! ALL: Aah! CAPTAIN HOOK: Smee! MR. SMEE: I got 'er, Captain. I got 'er. CAPTAIN HOOK: Get her off! Get her off me! MR. SMEE: Captain? CAPTAIN HOOK: I've had just about enough of your childish games! PETER PAN: Jane, look out! CAPTAIN HOOK: Ha ha! Give up, girl. JANE: Never! Don't you see, Hook? You'll never win. Not as long as there is faith, trust and pixie dust. CAPTAIN HOOK: Odd bodkins! PETER PAN: Unbelievable. JANE: Ha ha! Mere child's play. CAPTAIN HOOK: Good show. Ha! Looks like I've got the upper hook now. PETER PAN: Game's over, Hook. I win! Ha! Hey, Captain, you forgot your anchor. >>> more Disney videos quotes from Peter Pan Return to Never Land   Peter Pan - Got the upper hook - snapshot picture