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with Jane, Peter Pan, Cubby, Nibs, Slightly, The Twins, Toodles, Tinker Bell, and snapshot picture
Quotes from Peter Pan PETER PAN: Easy does it, Wendy. Ha! You should have seen Hook's face when I... JANE: Peter Pan? PETER PAN: Uhh! You're sure not Wendy! JANE: Tinker Bell? Oh, I get it. I'm dreaming. You're not real. PETER PAN: Huh? Look out! CAPTAIN HOOK: Pan, you double-crosslng pipsqueak! Come back here to fight like a man! PETER PAN: Come and get me, you old codfish! Ha ha! Come on. We gotta fly out of here. JANE: Wait! What are you doing? PETER PAN: If you're not Wendy, who are you? JANE: I'm her daughter, Jane! PETER PAN: Huh! Well, if you're Wendy's daughter... you're gonna love it here! PETER PAN: Hey, this is great! You can stay here forever! JANE: She did that on purpose. PETER PAN: Aw, she's just jealous. All girls get like that around me. JANE: Oh, really? How very nice for you... PETER PAN: Ha ha! That was fun, huh? Lost Boys, fall in! JANE: Oh, careful! You're going to fall! PETER: Sound off! SLIGHTLY: Slightly! NIBS: Nibs! THE TWINS: The Twins! CUBBY: Cubby. SLIGHTLY: And that's Toodles! PETER: Boys, this is Jane. She's gonna stay here and be our new mother and tell us stories. JANE: What? I... LOST BOYS: Yay! Stories! Tell stories! Come on! JANE: Um...actually... I'm afraid I'm not very good at telling stories.
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CUBBY: Ah, that's OK. We're not very good at listening to stories. NIBS: Ooh! I know. Let's play a game instead. THE TWINS: Red Rover! Red Rover! SLIGHTLY: Nah, something else. CUBBY: Let's play... "The no more hitting Cubby on the head" game. NIBS: Ha ha! PETER PAN: Hey! How about a treasure hunt? NIBS: Good idea! LOST BOYS: Yeah! A treasure hunt! PETER PAN: Heh. I hid it really good this time. You guys'll never find it. CUBBY: Sure we will! Rubies! THE TWINS: Treasure! SLIGHTLY: Diamonds! JANE: No, no, no... and no! PETER PAN: You remind me of someone I know. JANE: I have to go home. CUBBY: What's the matter with her? PETER PAN: I don't know. She acts kinda like a... grownup. LOST BOYS: Eww! >>> more Disney videos quotes from Peter Pan Return to Never Land