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You must have faith

Quotes from Peter Pan with Jane, Wendy, Danny, and snapshot picture WENDY: Jane, dear. Will you promise me something? Promise you'll watch over Danny whatever might happen. JANE: What? WENDY: You and your brother are going away for a while. JANE: Away? Where? WENDY: All the children are being evacuated to the country. It's so dangerous here but you'll be safe there, both of you. JANE: I'm not going! I'm staying here! WENDY: But dear, an order has been issued. Every chlld must go. JANE: But Daddy said that I'm supposed to... WENDY: I know, dear, but you can take care of Danny. Tell him Peter Pan stories. He needs them, Jane, and so do you. Please, dear. Promise me. JANE: No! I will not promise! WENDY: Oh, Jane! We'll be together again. You must have faith. JANE: Faith? Trust? Pixie dust? Mother, those are just words from your stories. They don't mean anything. DANNY: Yes, they do. Peter Pan says they'll make you fly. JANE: Daniel, story time is over! Look! It's a war. Peter Pan isn't real, and people don't fly! DANNY: They do too! JANE: Oh, come on, Daniel! Grow up! It's just a lot of childish nonsense! DANNY: You're lying! WENDY: Jane, how could you treat your brother that way? You think you're very grown-up but you have a great deal to learn.
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