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Your home treasure

Quotes from Peter Pan with Captain Hook, Jane, and snapshot picture JANE: Stay where you are! CAPTAIN HOOK: Please, go right ahead. Run me through. You'd be doing me a favor. JANE: All right. I give up. What's your problem? CAPTAIN HOOK: All I've ever wanted was to get away from this dreadful place. And home to my dear, sweet mother. But blast it all... Peter stole my treasure, and my men would mutiny if I so much as tried to leave without it. So here I am. Stuck in this absurd place. Oh, oh, oh. My...sources... tell me you wish to return home as well? JANE: Huh, you got that right. I guess we're in the same boat. CAPTAIN HOOK: The same boat! That's it! JANE: what's it?
CAPTAIN HOOK: I'll give you passage home on my ship and you can help me recover my treasure. Oh, don't you see? The treasure's useless to Peter. He's not sensible like you and I. He's just a boy who'll never grow up. JANE: Hmm. Tell me about it. CAPTAIN HOOK: And, really, what other cholice do you have? It's not as though you could fly home. JANE: Hmm, well, I suppose. If it is rightfully yours. And if it's really no use to Peter... CAPTAIN HOOK: Splendid, splendid! JANE: Wait! You must swear not to harm Peter.
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CAPTAIN HOOK: Me? Actually harm Peter Pan? Perish the thought. It's all a game, you see. I shan't harm him. You have my word. "I, Captain James Hook, do hereby swear not to harm a single hair on Peter Pan's head." You see? Ironclad, unbreakable. Leave the light on, Mommy. Your baby boy's coming home. Now, when you've located the treasure, just give this a wee toot. You're doing the right thing, my dear. I'm your only way home.
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