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The goldfish "little water baby" from the Pinocchio (1940) Disney film.
As Geppetto's fish pet, Cleo together with Figaro kitten, there are the only creatures that old carpenter has around him.
Cleo has a great affection for Figaro, even if the kitten is not as excited about this. She is like a barometer that shows us the mood from the small house.
Otherwise, it is a joyful and charming goldfish.
When Gepetto creates Pinocchio, Cleo likes him immediately.
The goldfish accompanies Gepetto when this goes in search of Pinocchio, even in the giant whale belly. And finally, Cleo is very happy when Pinocchio becomes a real boy by the goodwill of Blue Fairy.

Cleo pictures

Looking at his friendsLooking at his friends   Cleo kissing FigaroCleo kissing Figaro
Sadly when thought that Pinocchio drownedSadly when thought that Pinocchio drowned   Sleeping happy in his nest from aquariumSleeping happy in his nest from aquarium