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The kitten from the Pinocchio (1940) Disney film. Figaro pet together with the goldfish Cleo, there are the only creatures that Geppetto has around him. Figaro is a funny character by his insistence to take the first place in Gepetto's soul. First is competing with Cleo. Then, when Gepetto creates the little Woodenhead, Figaro becomes jealous on Pinocchio.
Like all cats, he is a bit lazy and selfish.

The kitten accompanies Gepetto when this goes in search of Pinocchio, even in the giant whale belly, where starving, Figaro fishing in a funny way, even with its little tail. Finally, he becomes altruistic sincerely regretting Pinocchio drowning. And even more happy when when Pinocchio becomes a real boy by the goodwill of Blue Fairy.

Figaro pictures

You know Pinocchio I think Figaro is jealous of youYou know Pinocchio I think Figaro is jealous of you   Kitten kissing goldfishKitten kissing goldfish
Sadly when thought that Pinocchio drownedSadly when thought that Pinocchio drowned   Sleeping peacefully near his masterSleeping peacefully near his master