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Pinocchio movie 2 A real boy it is my wish

movie 2 quotes BLUE FAIRY: Good Geppetto, you have given so much happiness to others. You deserve to have your wish come true. Little puppet made of pine, wake.

BLUE FAIRY: Pinocchio movie 2 - The gift of life is thineThe gift of life is thine. JIMINY CRICKET: Whew! What they can't do these days! PINOCCHIO: I can move! I can talk! I can walk! BLUE FAIRY: Yes, Pinocchio, I've given you life. PINOCCHIO: Why? BLUE FAIRY: Because tonight, Geppetto wished for a real boy. PINOCCHIO: Am I a real boy? BLUE FAIRY: No, Pinocchio. To make Geppetto's wish come true will be entirely up to you. PINOCCHIO: Up to me? BLUE FAIRY: Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfishProve yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy. PINOCCHIO: A real boy! JIMINY CRICKET: That won't be easy. BLUE FAIRY: You must learn to choose between right and wrong. PINOCCHIO: Right and wrong? But how will I knowRight and wrong? But how will I know? JIMINY CRICKET: How will he know. BLUE FAIRY: Your conscience will tell you. PINOCCHIO: What are conscience? JIMINY CRICKET: What are conscience! I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen toA conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today, you see? PINOCCIO: Are you my conscience? JIMINY CRICKET: Who, me? BLUE FAIRY: Would you like to be Pinocchio's conscience? Very well. What is your name? JIMINY CRICKET: Uh, oh, uh, Cricket's the name. Jiminy Cricket. BLUE FAIRY: Kneel, Mr Cricket. JIMINY CRICKET: Huh? No tricks now. BLUE FAIRY: I dub you Pinocchio's conscience, lord high keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong, counsellor in moments of temptationcounsellor in moments of temptation and guide along the straight and narrow path. Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket. JIMINY CRICKET: Well! Oh-ho-ho! My, my! Mmm. Say, that's pretty swell. Gee... thanks. But, uh, don't I get a badge or something? BLUE FAIRY: Well, we'll see. JIMINY CRICKET: You mean maybe I will? I shouldn't wonder. Make it a gold one? BLUE FAIRY: Maybe. Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide. JIMINY CRICKET: Goodbye, milady. PINOCCHIO: Goodbye! JIMINY CRICKET: Not bad, says I. Oh, yeah. Ho-ho-ho. Almost forgot about you. Well, Pinoke. Maybe you and I had better have a little heart-to-heart talkyou and I had better have a little heart-to-heart talk. PINOCCHIO: Why? JIMINY CRICKET: Well, you want to be a real boy, don't you? All right. Sit down, son. Now, you see, the world is full of temptations. PINOCCHIO: Temptations? JIMINY CRICKET: Yep. Temptations. They're the wrong things that seem right at the time. But, uh, even though the right things may seem wrong sometimes, uh, sometimes the, the wrong things may be right at the wrong time. Or, uh, visa versa. Understand? PINOCCHIO: But I'm gonna do right! JIMINY CRICKET: Atta boy, Pinoke. And I'm gonna help you. And anytime you need me, you know, just whistle like this. PINOCCHIO: Like this? JIMINY CRICKET: No, no. Try it again, Pinoke. PINOCCHIO: Like this? JIMINY CRICKET: No, son. Now, listen. That's it! Come on, now, let's sing it! Look out, Pinoke! GEPPETTO: Who is there? PINOCCHIO: It's me! GEPPETTO: Oh, it's me. Shh, Figaro. There's somebody in here. Shh! Be careful now, Figaro. He might spring out on us at any time. He's in here somewhere. PINOCCHIO: Here I am! GEPPETTO: Oh Pinocchio. How did you get down here? PINOCCHIO: I fell down. GEPETTO: Oh, you did. Ohh! You're talking! No! PINOCCHIO: Yes, and I can move too! GEPPETTO: No, no, you, you can't. I'm dreaming in my sleep. Wake me up. Wake me up! Now we see who is dreaming. Go on. Say something. PINOCCHIO: Gee, you're funny. Do it again! GEPPETTO: You do talk! PINOCCHIO: Yes, the Blue Fairy came... GEPPETTO: The Blue Fairy? PINOCCHIO: And I got a conscience. GEPPETTO: A conscience! PINOCCHIO: And someday I'm gonna be a real boy! GEPPETTO: A real boy it is my wishA real boy it is my wish. It's come true! Figaro, look! He's alive. He can talk! Let's say hello to Figaro. PINOCCHIO: Hello to Figaro. GEPPETTO: Ohh. Oh, Cleo, I almost forgot. Look! It's Pinocchio! She's my little water baby. Isn't she cute? Yeah, cute. This calls for a celebration. Music! You start one, Pinocchio. Oh, boy. A party! Mind if I cut in? How about sitting out the next one, babe, huh? Whoop! Hey, whoa, let me out! Let me out! Come, Cleo, join the party. Dance! Ooh, nice. Gathering toys For my little boy. PINOCCHIO: Look! Pretty! GEPPETTO: Oh! Help! Wh-Wh-Wh-Where's the bucket? Help! Water! Where's the water? Here it is! I got it! Here's water! Here's some water! Help! Where's water? That was close. Maybe we'd better go to bed before something else happens. JIMINY CRICKET: Little man, you've had a busy night. GEPPETTO: Now, close your eyes and go to sleep. PINOCCHIO: Why? GEPPETTO: Oh, everybody has to sleep. Figaro goes to sleep and Cleo and, and besides, tomorrow you've got to go to school. PINOCCHIO: Why? GEPPETTO: Oh, to learn things and get smart. PINOCCHIO: Why? Because. Oh. PINOCCHIO: Oh, look, Father! Look! GEPPETTO: Now, wait. Stand still now. PINOCCHIO: What are those? GEPPETTO: Huh? Oh, those. They are your schoolmates. Girls and boys. Uh, no-now, get in. PINOCCHIO: Real boys? GEPPETTO: Yes. But hurry now. Oh, oh, wai-wai-wait! Wait. Here's an apple for your teacher. Now turn around... and let me look you over. Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah. Here. Run along now. Figaro, wait! Come back here, Figaro. School is not for you. PINOCCHIO: Goodbye, Father. GEPPETTO: Goodbye, son. Hurry back. HONEST JOHN: Ah, Gideon, listen. The merry laughter of little innocent children wending their way to school. Thirsty little minds rushing to the fountain of knowledge. What would this stupid world be without Well, well, well! Stromboli!