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Pinocchio movie 3 | A little wooden boy

HONEST JOHN: Stromboli! Remember, Gideon, the time I tied strings on you and passed you off as a puppet? We nearly put one over on that old gypsy that time.


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HONEST JOHN: Pinocchio movie 3 - A little wooden boyA little wooden boy. Now, who'd have. A wooden boy! Look, Giddy, look, it's amazingGiddy, look, it's amazing. A live puppet without strings. A thing like that ought to be worth a fortune to someone. Now let me see. That's it! Stromboli! Why, that fat old faker would give his... Listen. If we play our cards right, we'll be on Easy StreetIf we play our cards right, we'll be on Easy Street, or my name isn't Honest John. Quick, we'll head him off. Shh! Now's our... No, no, stupid, don't be crudeno, stupid, don't be crude. Let me handle this. Here he comes. Ah, yes, Skinny, as I was saying to the Duchess only yesterday... Oh! Oh, how clumsy of me. Oh, my, my, my, my. Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Oh, I do hope you're not injured. PINOCCHIO: I'm all right. HONEST JOHN: Oh, splendid. Well, well, hmm. Quite a scholar, I see. Look, Giddy, a man of letters. Here's your book. PINOCCHIO: I'm going to school. HONEST JOHN: School. Ah, yes. Then you haven't heard of the easy road to successyou haven't heard of the easy road to success. No? I'm speaking, my boy, of the theatre. Here's your apple. Bright lights, music, applause, fame! PINOCCHIO: Fame? HONEST JOHN: Yes! And with that personality, that profile, that physique, why, he's a natural born actor, eh, Giddy? PINOCCIO: But I'm going. HONEST JOHN: Straight to the top. Why, I can see your name in lights, lights six feet high. Uh... What is your name? PINOCCIO: Pinocchio. HONEST JOHN: Pinocchio! P-I-N... Eh, uh... U-O... Eh, P-I... Eh... We're wasting precious time. Come, on to the theatre. JIMINY CRICKET: Whew! Fine onscience I turned out to be. Late the first day. Oh, well, he can't get in much trouble... between here and school. Oh, boy, a parade! Huh? A waxed mustache and a beaver coat A pony cart and a billy goat Hi diddle dee dum Why, it's... it's Pinoke. Hey! HONEST JOHN: An actor's life is fun Where you goin'? You wear your hair in a pompadour You ride around in a coach and four Wait! You stop and buy out a candy store Halt! An actor's life for me Hold on there! Pinoke! Hi diddle dee dee An actor's life for me With clothes that come from the finest shops JIMINY CRICKET: Hey, Pinoke. Hey! HONEST JOHN: What was that? PINOCCHIO: Oh, it's Jiminy! Whatcha doin' up there? HONEST JOHN: Huh? Who? Wha-Wha-Wha-What? Wha... Who? Jiminy? Up where? Shh! Why, my boy, huh, you must be seeing things. PINOCCHIO: Oh, no, that's my conscience. HONEST JOHN: Just calm down. Why, there's nothing up there to be afraid ofthere's nothing up there to be afraid of. JIMINY CRICKET: Oh! Psst! Pinoke! Psst! Pinoke! Over here. Over here. PINOCCHIO: Oh,Jiminy! I'm going to be an actor. JIMINY CRICKET: All right, son, take it easy now. Remember what I said about temptation? Well, that's him. PINOCCHIO: Oh, no, Jiminy, that's Mr Honest John. JIMINY CRICKET: Honest John? HONEST JOHN: Get this thing off. Get me outta here! Get me out of here! Oh! JIMINY CRICKET: All right then, here's what we'll tell 'em: You can't go to the theatre, say "Thank you just the same," you're sorry but you've got to go to school. PINOCCHIO: Mm-hmm. HONEST JOHN: Pinocchio! Oh, Pinocchio! JIMINY CRICKET: Here they come, Pinoke. Now, you tell 'em. HONEST JOHN: Oh, little boy! Ah, there you are! Now, where were we? Ah, yes, on to the theatre! PINOCCHIO: Goodbye, Jiminy! Goodbye! HONEST JOHN: Hi diddle dee dee An actor's life for me. JIMINY CRICKET: Goodbye? Huh? Goodbye! Hey, Pinoke, you can't. HONEST JOHN: A high silk hat and a silver cane A watch of gold with a diamond chain There he goes. Oh, what'll I do? I'll run and tell his father. Hi diddle dee day. JIMINY CRICKET: An actor's life is gay No, that'd be snitching. I'll go after him yself. STROMBOLI: Ladies and gentlemen, to conclude the performance of this great show, Stromboli the Master Showman that's a-methe Master Showman that's a-me and by special permission of the management that's a-me too is presenting to you something you will absolutely refuse to believe. JIMINY CRICKET: Well, looks like a sell-out. STROMBOLI: Introducing the only marionette who can sing and dance absolutely without the aids of stringsthe only marionette who can sing and dance absolutely without the aids of strings. I hope so. The one and only Pinocchio! JIMINY CRICKET: Hmph! What a build-up. Go ahead, make a fool of yourself. Then maybe you'll listen to your conscience. STROMBOLI: Cute kidCute kid. JIMINY CRICKET: Hmm, they like him. He's a success. Gosh, maybe I was wrong. Well, guess he won't need me any more. What does an actor want with a conscience anyway? GEPPETTO: What could have happened to him? Where could he be at this hour? I'd better go out again and look for him. And remember, nobody eats a bite until I find him. STROMBOLI: I got-a no strings but I got-a the brain I buy a new suit and I swing-a the chain I eat-a the best and I drink-a champagne I got-a no strings on me Bravo, Pinocchio! PINOCCHIO: They like me. STROMBOLI: Hmm, two hundred. You are sensational! PINOCCIO: Ya mean I'm good? STROMBOLI: Ahh, three hundred. You are colossal! PINOCCHIO: Does that mean I'm an actor? STROMBOLI: Sure. I will push you in the public's eye. Your face, she will be on everybody's tongue. PINOCCHIO: Will she? STROMBOLI: Ye... Uh, huh? What's this? Ahhh! For you, my little Pinocchio. PINOCCHIO: For me? Gee, thanks! I'll run right home and tell my father. STROMBOLI: Home? Oh, sure. Going home to your father. Oh, that is very comical! PINOCCHIO: Ya mean it's funny? STROMBOLI: Oh, sure! Yes. PINOCCHIO: I'll be back in the morning. STROMBOLI: Be back in the morning. Going home. There, this will be your home, where I can find you always. PINOCCHIO: No, no, no! STROMBOLI: Yes, yes, yes! To me you are belonging. We will tour the world. Paris. London. Monte Carlo. "Constantinopolee." PINOCCHIO: No, no! STROMBOLI: Yes! We start tonight! Hmm. You will make lots of money for me! And when you are growing too old, you will make good... firewood! PINOCCHIO: Let me outta here! I gotta get out! You can't keep me! STROMBOLI: Quiet! Shut-a up. before I knock a you silly! Good night, my little wooden gold mine. PINOCCHIO: No! No, wait! Let me out! I'll tell my father! STROMBOLI: Giddyap! Get along there.

Cast as voices

Dick Jones (Pinocchio, the happy wooden puppet) Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's "conscience") Christian Rub (Geppetto a talented carpenter who created the wooden boy) Clarence Nash (Figaro Geppeto's spoiled pet cat) Walter Catlett (Honest John a sly fox) Charles Judels (Stromboli, a sinister bearded puppet / Coachman who owns and operates Pleasure Island ) Evelyn Venable (Blue Fairy turned Pinocchio into a living puppet) Frankie Darro (Lampwick a naughty boy who turns into a donkey) Unvoiced character (Cleo, Gepetto's pet goldfish)


Stromboli's wagon was a filmed model printed on cels and painted. A similar technique was used 21 years later in 101 Dalmatians (1961).

Early scenes animated by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston show that Pinocchio's design was exactly like that of a real wooden puppet with a long pointed nose, a peaked cap and bare wooden hands. Walt Disney was not impressed with the work that was being done on the film. He felt that no one could really sympathize with such a character and called for an immediate halt in production.

Many of Pinocchio's characters are costumed characters at Disney parks: Pinocchio Village Haus is a quick service restaurant at Walt Disney World that serves pizza and macaroni and cheese; quick-service restaurants at the Disneyland parks in Anaheim and Paris as well, with almost identical names; Pinocchio's Daring Journey is a popular ride at the original Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Park in Paris.

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