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Pinocchio movie 5 | Give a bad boy enough rope

JIMINY CRICKET: Pinocchio! There's somethin' phoney about all this. I gotta get him outta here. STATUE: Hurry, hurry! See the model home. It's open for destruction, and it's all yours, boys! It's all yours!


Dialogues, pictures and quotes

LAMPWICK: What'd I tell ya? Ain't this a swell joint? PINOCCHIO: Yeah! Bein' bad's a lot of fun, ain't it? LAMPWICK: Yeah, uh-huh. Get a load of that stained-glass window. COACHMAN: All right now, hop to it, you blokes. Come on, come on! Shut the doors and lock 'em tight. Now get below and get them crates ready. Pinocchio movie 5 - Give a bad boy enough rope and he'll soon make a jackass of himselfGive a bad boy enough rope and he'll soon make a jackass of himself. JIMINY CRICKET: Pinocchio! Pinocchio? Where is everybody? The place is like a graveyard. I don't like the looks of this. Pinocchio! Hey, where are you? PINOCCHIO: Where d'you suppose all the kids went to, Lampwick? LAMPWICK: Ah, they're around here somewheres. What do you care? You're having a good time, ain't ya? PINOCCHIO: Uh-huh, I sure am. LAMPWICK: Oh, boy! This is the life, huh, Pinoky? PINOCCHIO: Yeah! It sure is! LAMPWICK: Ah, you smoke like me grandmother! Come on, take a big drag like this. PINOCCHIO: Okay, Lampy. LAMPWICK: Some fun, huh, kid? Okay, Slats, your shot. What's the matter, Slats? Losin' your grip? JIMINY CRICKET: Pinocchio! So this is where I find you. How do you ever expect to be a real boy? Look at yourself. Smoking, playing pool! You are coming right home with me this minute! LAMPWICK: Hey! Who's the beetle? Let go! JIMINY CRICKET: Put me down! Let me out of here. Let me out! PINOCCHIO: He's my conscience. He tells me what's right and wrong. LAMPWICK: What? You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopperYou mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper? JIMINY CRICKET: Grasshopper? Look here, you, you impudent young pup! It wouldn't hurt you to take orders from your grasshopp.Uh, your conscience, if you have one. LAMPWICK: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Screwball in the corner pocket. JIMINY CRICKET: Why. Why. Ya young hoodlum! I'll knock your block off! Why, I'll take you apart and put you back together. PINOCCHIO: Oh, don't hurt him, Jiminy. He's my best friend. JIMINY CRICKET: Why, I'll... Your best friend? And what am I? Just your Conscience. Okay, that settles it. PINOCCHIO: But,Jiminy... JIMINY CRICKET: You buttered your bread, now sleep in it. LAMPWICK: Ha-ha-ha! JIMINY CRICKET: Ha-ha-ha! Go on,laugh. Make a jackass out of yourself. I'm through! This is the end. PINOCCHIO: But, Jiminy, Lampwick says a guy only lives onceLampwick says a guy only lives once. JIMINY CRICKET: Lampwick. Hmph! LAMPWICK: Come on, come on. Let him go. JIMINY CRICKET: Lampwick. Hmph, Lampwick! Burns me up. After all I tried to do for him. Who's his conscience anyway? Me or that, that hoodlum Lampwick? I've had enough of this. I'm taking the next boat out of here. Open up that door! Open up! I wanna go home! Come on, you blokes! COACHMAN: Keep 'em moving! Lively there now. We haven't got all night. JIMINY CRICKET: Where'd all the donkeys come from? COACHMAN: Come on, come on. Let's have another. And what's your name? Okay, you'll do! In you go! You boys'll bring a nice price. All right, next! And what might your name be? ALEXANDER: Alexander. COACHMAN: Hmm, so you can talk. ALEXANDER: Ye-Yes, sir. I wanna go home to my mama! COACHMAN: Take him back! He can still talk! ALEXANDER: Please, please! I don't wanna be a donkeyI don't wanna be a donkey! Let me outta here! COACHMAN: Quiet! You boys have had your fun. Now pay for itYou boys have had your fun. Now pay for it. JIMINY CRICKET: "Boys"? So that's what... Pinocchio! LAMPWICK: Ha! To hear that beetle talk, you'd think somethin' was going to happen to us. Conscience. Nah, phooey! Where does he get that stuff? "How do you ever expect to be a real boy?" What's he think I look like, a jackassWhat's he think I look like, a jackass? PINOCCHIO: You sure do! LAMPWICK: Hey, you laugh like a donkey. Did that come out of me? Oh! Huh? What the... What's goin' on? I've been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody help, I've been framedSomebody help, I've been framed! Help! Please, you gotta help me. Oh, be a pal. Call that beetle! Call anybody! Mama! Mama! PINOCCHIO: Oh, what's happened? JIMINY CRICKET: I hope I'm not too late. PINOCCHIO: What'll I do? JIMINY CRICKET: Pinocchio! PINOCCHIO: Oh, Jiminy, help! JIMINY CRICKET: Wait, Pinoke! The kids, the boys, they're all donkeys! Oh, you too! Come on, quick! Before you get any worse. This way, Pinoke. It's the only way out. Hurry up before they see us. You gotta jump! PINOCCHIO: Jiminy. Jiminy, you all right? JIMINY CRICKET: Sure. I thought we'd never make it. Certainly feels good to be back on dry land. Come on, let's get home. PINOCCHIO: Father! Father, I'm home! JIMINY CRICKET: We're home, Mr Geppetto! Home again! PINOCCHIO: It's me, Pinocchio! I'm home to stay! JIMINY CRICKET: Here he is, Mr Geppetto. Home at last. Hey, maybe he's asleep. PINOCCHIO: Father! Father, it's me! JIMINY CRICKET: Pinoke, come here. Look. He ain't here. He's gone. Yeah, and Figaro. PINOCCHIO: And Cleo too. Maybe something awful happened to him. JIMINY CRICKET: Don't worry, son, he probably hasn't gone far. Hey. It's a message. PINOCCHIO: What's it say? JIMINY CRICKET: It's about your father. PINOCCHIO: Where is he? JIMINY CRICKET: Why it says here he, uh, he went looking for you and, uh, uh, he was swallowed by a whale. PINOCCHIO: Swallowed by a whale? JIMINY CRICKET: A whale? A whale named Monstro. Oh, he's... Uh, but, but wait. He's alive. PINOCCHIO: Alive? Where? JIMINY CRICKET: Why, uh, uh, inside the whale at the, at the bottom of the sea. PINOCCHIO: Bottom of the sea? JIMINY CRICKET: Uh-huh. Uh... Hey! Where you going? PINOCCHIO: I'm going to find him. JIMINY CRICKET: But, Pinoke, are you crazy? Don't you realize, uh, he's in a whale? PINOCCHIO: I've gotta go to him. JIMINY CRICKET: Hey, Pinoke, wait! Listen here, son. But this Monstro, I've heard of him. He's a whale of a whale. Why, he swallows whole ships alive. Tie it good and tight now. And besides, it's dangerous. Why, I. PINOCCHIO: Bye, Jiminy. JIMINY CRICKET: Goodbye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with yaI may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya. Come on, let's go. Look out below! Gangway, down there.
PINOCCHIO: Gee, what a big place. Come on,Jiminy.
JIMINY CRICKET: All right. Soon as I take on some ballast. One side, sister. Well, so long. Hmm, put it in the wrong end. Hmph, no more privacy than a goldfish. Ooh, chilly.
PINOCCHIO: Father! Father! JIMINY CRICKET: Hey, Pinoke, wait for me! PINOCCHIO: Father!
JIMINY CRICKET: Father! Huh, he ain't my father. Uh, Mr Geppetto! Hey, what the. Hey, le let go! Run along, ya little squirt. What's the matter? Can't a fellow. I was only We were only looking for Monstro. That got 'em. PINOCCHIO: Father! Father! Oh, hello. Oh! Uh. can you tell me where we can find Monstro? Gee, they're scared. JIMINY CRICKET: Uh, pardon me, pearl, are you acquainted with Monstro the whale? Whoa, hold it there. PINOCCHIO: Father! JIMINY CRICKET: One side there, son. Come on, boys, break it up. Break it up now.

Cast as voices

Dick Jones (Pinocchio, the happy wooden puppet) Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's "conscience") Christian Rub (Geppetto, a talented carpenter who created the wooden boy) Clarence Nash (Figaro, Geppeto's spoiled pet cat) Walter Catlett (Honest John a sly fox) Charles Judels (Stromboli a sinister bearded puppet / Coachman who owns and operates Pleasure Island ) Evelyn Venable (Blue Fairy turned Pinocchio into a living puppet) Frankie Darro (Lampwick a naughty boy who turns into a donkey) Unvoiced character (Cleo, Gepetto's pet goldfish)


John Musker and Ron Clements would consult on how Pinocchio (1940) movie achieved its underwater effects when they were in the process of developing The Little Mermaid (1989).

Many of Pinocchio's characters are costumed characters at Disney parks: Pinocchio Village Haus is a quick service restaurant at Walt Disney World that serves pizza and macaroni and cheese; quick-service restaurants at the Disneyland parks in Anaheim and Paris as well, with almost identical names; Pinocchio's Daring Journey is a popular ride at the original Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Park in Paris.

In the midst of production, the entire Walt Disney animation branch was also in the process of moving from its old home on Hyperion Avenue into new premises in Burbank.

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