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Pinocchio movie 6 You'll find your dreams come true

movie 6 quotes JIMINY CRICKET: Go ahead, Pinoke, ask them. Uh, sakes alive. PINOCCHIO: Father! JIMINY CRICKET: Mr.Geppetto! GEPPETTO: Not a bite for days. We can't hold out much longer. I never thought it would end this way, Figaro.

GEPPETTO: Starving to death Pinocchio movie 6 - in the belly of a whalein the belly of a whale. My poor little Pinocchio. He was such a good boy. It's hopeless, Figaro. There isn't a fish left. If the monster doesn't wake up soon. I'm afraid We are done for. Here they come! Tuna! Oh, tuna fish! Food! We'll eat! Here's a big one! Keep them in there, Figaro! PINOCCHIO: Hey! Wait a minute! Have you seen Monstro! JIMINY CRICKET: We got to get out of here! Come on, Pinoke. Don't wait for me. GEPPETTO: Never saw so many! Here's another one! Enough for weeks! Here's a big one. Keep them in there, Figaro! Hey, blubber mouth, open up! I got to get in there! Looks like the last of them. Here's a big one. Only a few left. We got to work fast! Hey! Here's another one. PINOCCHIO: Hey, Father! Father! GEPPETTO: Don't bother me now, Pinocchio! Pinocchio! PINOCCHIO: Father! GEPPETTO: Pinocchio, my son! PINOCCHIO: Hey, Father, here I am! Huh? GEPPETTO: Oh, oh, yes! Pinocchio, my boy, I'm so happy to see youPinocchio, my boy, I'm so happy to see you! PINOCCHIO: Me too, Father! GEPPETTO: Oops! Figaro! PINOCCHIO: Ah, Figaro. Cleo! You're here too. GEPPETTO: Yes! We are all together again! Oh, you are soaking wet. PINOCCHIO: Yes, Father. GEPPETTO: You, you mustn't catch cold. PINOCCHIO: But I came to save you! GEPPETTO: 'Cause you know, you, you shouldn't have come down here. PINOCCHIO: But, Father! GEPPETTO: But I'm awfully glad to see you. Let me take your hat. Oh! Pinocchio! What's the matter? Those ears! PINOCCHIO: Huh? Ears? Oh, these. Hah. Oh, that's nothing. I got a tail too. GEPPETTO: Pinocchio! What's happened to you? PINOCCHIO: Well, I. GEPPETTO: Oh, never mind now. Old Geppetto has his little WoodenheadOld Geppetto has his little Woodenhead. Nothing else matters. JIMINY CRICKET: I got to get in! My pal's in there! Come on, you big moose! Open up, I tell ya. Hey! Cut it out! Oh, boy. Beat it, you buzzards! GEPPETTO: Get out? Oh, no, no, son. I've tried every way. Why, I, I even built a raft. PINOCCHIO: A raft? That's it! Huh? We'll take the raft, and when the whale opens its mouth. GEPPETTO: No, no, no, no. Now listen, son. He only opens his mouth when he's eating. Then everything comes in. Nothing goes out. Oh. It's hopeless, Pinocchio. Come. We make a nice fire and we cook some of the fish. PINOCCHIO: A fire! That's it! Yes. GEPPETTO: And then we'll all eat again. PINOCCHIO: Lots of smoke. GEPPETTO: Smoke? Oh, yeah, sure. A smoked fish will taste good. PINOCCHIO: Quick, some wood. GEPPETTO: Pinocchio, not the chair! PINOCCHIO: Hurry, Father. More wood! GEPPETTO: Oh, what will we sit on if we. PINOCCHIO: We won't need it. We're getting out! GEPPETTO: Getting out? But how? PINOCCHIO: We'll make him sneeze! GEPPETTO: Make him sneeze? Ohh, that will make him mad. JIMINY CRICKET: Well, it's about time! PINOCCHIO: It won't work! Hurry, Father! GEPPETTO: Climb aboard! JIMINY CRICKET: We'll never get by those teeth! Yes, we will! Hey, which way you going? Wait for me! PINOCCHIO: Hang on! Here we go! GEPPETTO: Gesundheit. We're going back! PINOCCHIO: No, we'll make it! Faster, faster! GEPPETTO: It's no use! We're done for! PINOCCHIO: We made it! GEPPETTO: Look! Now he is mad! I told you he'd be furious! PINOCCHIO: He's gone! Where did he go? Look out! Hang on! He's coming back. GEPPETTO: Hurry! He's trying to kill us! Paddle, son! Let's go back! PINOCCHIO: Look out! GEPPETTO: Jump! PINOCCHIO: Father! Father! Oh, Father! GEPPETTO: Pinocchio, swim for shore. Swim for shore. PINOCCHIO: Hang on, Father! GEPPETTO: Save yourself. Pinocchio, save yourself. Don't mind me, son. Save yourself, Pinocchio. JIMINY CRICKET: Pinocchio? Oh, Pinocchio! Pinocchi. GEPPETTO: My boy. My brave little boy. BLUE FAIRY: Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy. Awake, Pinocchio. Awake. PINOCCHIO: Father! Whatcha crying for? GEPPETTO: 'Cause you are dead, Pinocchio. PINOCCHIO: No! I'm not. GEPPETTO: Yes, yes, you are. Now, lie down. PINOCCHIO: But, Father, I'm alive. See? And I'm real. I'm a real boyI'm a real boy! JIMINY CRICKET: You're alive! GEPPETTO:And, and you are a real boy! JIMINY CRICKET: Yea! Whoopie! A real live boy! GEPPETTO: This calls for a celebration! Professor, lots of musicProfessor, lots of music!
JIMINY CRICKET: Well! Huh. This is practically where I came in.
Thank you, milady.
He deserved to be a real boy.
And it sure was nice of you to...
Well, I'll be! My, my! Solid gold too.
Oh, I think it's swell!
When your heart is in your dream,
No request is too extreme,
When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams come true.
You'll find your dreams come trueYou'll find your dreams come true.

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