Most unusual names Pocahontas

video quotes from Pocahontas (1995) film with John Smith, Pocahontas, Flit, Meeko JOHN SMITH: Chickahominy. Quiyo... Quiyoughcohannock. Pocahontas. POCAHONTAS: You have the most unusual name, tooYou have the most unusual name, too. John Smith. JOHN SMITH: Hey! Is this bottomless pit a friend of yours? POCAHONTAS: Meeko! JOHN SMITH: Well, how do you do, Meeko? It's all right. It's just a handshake. Here, let me show you. POCAHONTAS: Nothing's happening. JOHN SMITH: No, no. I need your hand first. It's how we say hello. POCAHONTAS: This is how we say hello, WinggapoThis is how we say hello, Winggapo. JOHN SMITH: Winggapo. POCAHONTAS: And how we say goodbye. Anah. JOHN SMITH: I like hello better. Yeah, I remember you. POCAHONTAS: Flit just doesn't like strangers. JOHN SMITH: But I'm not a stranger any more. Stubborn little fellow, isn't he? POCAHONTAS: Very stubborn. JOHN SMITH: Hey! POCAHONTAS: Meeko! Come back here. JOHN SMITH: Don't worry. He can't hurt it. Hey! What are you doing? POCAHONTAS: Meeko, bring that back. JOHN SMITH: No, it's all right. He can keep it. Call it a gift. POCAHONTAS: What was that? JOHN SMITH: My compass. POCAHONTAS: Compass? JOHN SMITH: It tells you how to find your way when you get lost. It's all right. I'll get another in London.
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