New World's going to be great Pocahontas

video quotes from Pocahontas (1995) film with Thomas, John Smith, Lon, Ben THOMAS: I'm going to get a pile of gold, build me a big housebuild me a big house, and if any Indian tries to stop me, I'll blast him.
JOHN SMITH: Just worry about that fortune of yours, Thomas. Leave the savages to me.
LON: You think they'll give us much trouble?
BEN: Not as much trouble as Smith'll give them.
SAILOR #1: We'll kill ourselves an injun, we're stalwart men and bold ofthe Virginia Company
JOHN SMITH: Or maybe two or three
THOMAS: What do you suppose the New World will look likeWhat do you suppose the New World will look like?
JOHN SMITH: Like all the others, I suppose. I've seen hundreds of New Worlds, Thomas. What could possibly be different about this one?

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