Tree is talking to me Pocahontas

video quotes from Pocahontas (1995) film with Grandmother Willow, John Smith, Pocahontas, Lon, Ben, Flit, Meeko POCAHONTAS: Then you should talk backThen you should talk back. GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: Don't be frightened, young man. My bark is worse than my bite. POCAHONTAS: Say something. JOHN SMITH: What do you say to a treeWhat do you say to a tree? POCAHONTAS: Anything you want. JOHN SMITH: So... GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: Come closer, John Smith. He has a good soul. And he's handsome, too! JOHN SMITH: Oh, I like her. POCAHONTAS: I knew you would. BEN: Smith! Smith, where are you, mate? JOHN SMITH: We can't let them see us. GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: Quick! Over here. LON: This place gives me the creeps. Savages could be hiding anywhere. BEN: If you spot one, don't ask questions. Just shoot. Watch your feet, you big oaf! LON: It wasn't me! It was the tree. BEN: Of course! The tree just felt like lifting its roots... Let's get out of here. Run! LON: But what about Smith? BEN: He's a big lad, he can take care of himself! JOHN SMITH: I'm glad you're on our side. GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: There's still some snap in these old vines. JOHN SMITH: I better get back before they send the whole camp after me. POCAHONTAS: When will I see you again? JOHN SMITH: Meet me tonight, right here.
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