We don't have to fight them Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS: video quotes from Pocahontas (1995) film with Powhatan, Pocahontas, John Smith, Ratcliffe, Wiggins, Thomas, Lon, Ben There must be a better wayThere must be a better way. POWHATAN: Sometimes our paths are chosen for us. POCAHONTAS: But maybe we should try talking to themwe should try talking to them. POWHATAN: They do not want to talk. POCAHONTAS: But if one of them did want to talk, you would listen to him, wouldn't you? POWHATAN: Pocahontas... POCAHONTAS: Wouldn't you?
POWHATAN: Of course I would, but it is not that simple. Nothing is simple anymore.
JOHN SMITH: Easy, Thomas, it's me. THOMAS: Oh, John! I could've killed you. JOHN SMITH: Not aiming like that, you couldn't. Keep both eyes open when you shoot. You'll see twice as well. BEN: Smith! There you are! LON: We were looking all over for you. RATCLIFFE: Smith! Where have you been? JOHN SMITH: I was out scouting the terrain, sir. RATCLIFFE: Excellent. Then you must know the Indians' whereabouts. We'll need that information for the battle. JOHN SMITH: What battle? RATCLIFFE: We will eliminate these savages once and for all. JOHN SMITH: No! You can't do that! RATCLIFFE: Oh, can't I? JOHN SMITH: Look, we don't have to fight themLook, we don't have to fight them. THOMAS: John, what's gotten into you? JOHN SMITH: I met one of them. BEN: You what? THOMAS: A savage? JOHN SMITH: They're not savages. They can help us. They know the land. They know how to navigate the rivers. And look. It's food. LON: What is it? JOHN SMITH: It's better than hardtack and gruel, that's for sure. WIGGINS: I like gruel. RATCLIFFE: They don't want to feed us, you ninnies! They want to kill us! All of us! They've got our gold, and they'll do anything to keep itThey've got our gold, and they'll do anything to keep it! JOHN SMITH: But there is no gold. BEN: No gold? RATCLIFFE: And I suppose your little Indian friend told you this? JOHN SMITH: Yes. RATCLIFFE: Lies. Lies! All of it! Murderous thieves. There's no room for their kind in civilised society.
JOHN SMITH: But this is their land!
RATCLIFFE: This is my land! I make the laws here. And I say anyone who so much as looks at an Indian without killing him on sight will be tried for treason and hanged.
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