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Quotes from Pocahontas II with King James, Queen Anne, Governor Ratcliffe, John Rolfe, Pocahontas, and snapshot picture; JOHN ROLFE: ... and in the interests of peace, meet with her, Your Majesty.
GOVERNOR RATCLIFFE: May I suggest she attend the hunt ball? Let her go back to Virginia having witnessed the royal might and majesty of English society.
JOHN ROLFE: Sire, she doesn't know our customs. To subject her to this kind of scrutiny would be...
GOVERNOR RATCLIFFE: I don't understand, Rolfe. If she's not a savage, then why shouldn't she fit in? KING JAMES: Excellent idea, Ratcliffe. Rolfe, you will bring her to the hunt ball. Prove to me she is as civilized as you claim, and... I will stop my armada; if not, the armada sails. JOHN ROLFE: But sire... KING JAMES: It is decided! GOVERNOR RATCLIFFE: Pawn to king! Check. MRS. JENKINS: Of all the... How did it go? JOHN ROLFE: A disaster! She's invited to the hunt ball! MRS. JENKINS: Flabberdy-jacks.
POCAHONTAS: You were successful? When do I see the king? JOHN ROLFE: Our meeting with the king has been corrupted. You're now invited to the hunt ball.
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