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Quotes from Pocahontas II with Chief Powhatan, Nakoma, Uttamatomakkin, Pocahontas, John Rolfe, and snapshot picture;
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CHIEF POWHATAN: I will honour my vow not to break the peace with the pale ones but we must know their strength. Cut a notch in this staff for every pale face you see. Watch over my daughter.
POCAHONTAS: I can't take you this time. Stay out of mischief and look after one another.
NAKOMA: Do not forget this land.
POCAHONTAS: You will always be with me.
JOHN ROLFE: Wait. What's this?
POCAHONTAS: This is Uttamatomakkin.
JOHN ROLFE: Well, is Uttama... Uttamakk... Is he coming with us? Are you coming with us? I say, are you... Hello? Can you hear me? Can he... Can he hear me? Oh yes, of course. This was a good idea, wasn't it? This will be fine! Fantastic.
POCAHONTAS: Ah-nah, Father.
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  Pocahontas II - You will always be with me - snapshot picture