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The Princess and the Frog video quotes - Dans on jazz music - Disney videos

Quotes from The Princess and the Frog with Prince Naveen, Lawrence, and snapshot picture;
LAWRENCE: Excuse me! MAN: You need a hand there, buddy? LAWRENCE: Sire! I've been looking for you everywhere. PRINCE NAVEEN: What a coincidence, Lawrence. I have been avoiding you everywhere. LAWRENCE: We're going to be late for the masquerade. PRINCE NAVEEN: Listen, Lawrence, listen! It's jazz. It's jazz music! It was born here. Is beautiful, no? Dance with me, fat man. Stay loose, Lawrence! LAWRENCE: We're supposed to be at the La Bouff estate by now! PRINCE NAVEEN: Yes, yes, yes, but first I buy everyone here a drink! LAWRENCE: With what? At this point, you have two choices: woo and marry a rich young lady or get a job! PRINCE NAVEEN: All right. Fine. But first we dance! LAWRENCE: No, this is idiocy! PRINCE NAVEEN: For someone who cannot see his feet, you're very light on them! Is perfect! You finally got into the music. Do you get my joke? Because your head is... It's in the tuba. LAWRENCE: Get me out! PRINCE NAVEEN: All right. Hold on. One...
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  The Princess and the Frog - Dans on jazz music - snapshot picture