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The Princess and the Frog video quotes - Dream that never got off - Disney videos

Quotes from The Princess and the Frog with Tiana, Facilier, and snapshot picture;
TIANA: Back off, or I'm going to break this thing into a million pieces! TIANA: Naveen? FACILIER: Now, isn't this a whole lot better than hopping around the bayou for the rest of your life? TIANA: Shadow Man. FACILIER: Got to hand it to you, Tiana. When you dream, you dream big. Just look at this place. Going to be the crown jewel of the Crescent City! And all you got to do to make this a reality is hand over that little old talisman of mine. TIANA: No. This is not right. FACILIER: Come on now, darling. Think of everything you've sacrificed. "Girl, all you ever do is work." "I told y'all she wouldn't come." Think of all those naysayers who doubted you. "You ain't never going to get enough for the down payment." "...little woman of your background, you're better off where you're at." And don't forget your poor daddy. Now that was one hard-working man. "See you in the morning, James." Double, sometime triple shifts. Never letting on how bone tired and beat down he really was."Daddy!" "Hey, babycakes!" Shame all that hard work didn't amount to much more than a busted-up old gumbo pot and a dream that never got off the back porch. But you? You can give your poor daddy everything he ever wanted. Come on, Tiana. You're almost there.   The Princess and the Frog - Dream that never got off - snapshot picture
TIANA: My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love. He never lost sight of what was really important. FACILIER: Easy with that. TIANA: And neither will I! FACILIER: Y'all should have taken my deal. Now you're going to spend the rest of your life being a slimy, little frog. TIANA: I've got news for you, Shadow Man. It's not slime. It's mucus! >>> more Disney videos quotes from The Princess and the Frog