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The Princess and the Frog video quotes - Kiss the little frog - Disney videos

Quotes from The Princess and the Frog with Eudora, Charlotte, Tiana, Eli La Bouff, and snapshot picture;
EUDORA (READING): Just at that moment, the ugly little frog looked up with his sad, round eyes and pleaded: Oh, please, dear princess, only a kiss from you can break this terrible spell that was inflicted on me by a wicked witch! CHARLOTTE (WHISPERING): Here comes my favorite part. EUDORA (READING): And the beautiful princess was so moved by his desperate plea that she stooped down, picked up the slippery creature, leaned forward, raised him to her lips, and kissed that little frog! Then, the frog was transformed into a handsome prince. They were married and lived happily ever after. The end. CHARLOTTE: Read it again! Read it again! EUDORA: Sorry, Charlotte. It's time for us to be heading home. Say "good night," Tiana. TIANA: There is no way in this whole wide world I would ever, ever, ever... I mean, never kiss a frog. Yuck! CHARLOTTE: Is that so? Well, here's your Prince Charming, Tia. Come on. Kiss him. TIANA: No. CHARLOTTE: Kiss him! TIANA: Stop it! CHARLOTTE: Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him! TIANA: I won't, I won't, I won't! CHARLOTTE: I would do it. I would kiss a frog. I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess. EUDORA: You girls, stop tormenting that poor little kitty. Poor little thing.   The Princess and the Frog - Kiss the little frog - snapshot picture
LA BOUFF: Evening, Eudora. CHARLOTTE: Daddy! Daddy! Look at my new dress. Isn't it pretty? LA BOUFF: Look at you. Why, I'd expect nothing less from the finest seamstress in New Orleans. CHARLOTTE: Ooh! I want that dress! LA BOUFF: Now, sugarplum... CHARLOTTE: I want that one! Please, please, please, please! LA BOUFF: Eudora, you suppose you could whip something up like that? EUDORA: Anything for my best customer. Come along, Tiana. Your daddy should be home from work by now. LA BOUFF: All right now, princess, you're getting that dress, but that's it. No more Mr. Pushover. Now, who wants a puppy? CHARLOTTE: I do! I do! He's so cute!

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