Tomorrow Is Another Day

video song from The Rescuers (1977) music and lyrics by Carol Connors and Ayn Robbins, sung by Shelby Flint
Come along
Will there be sunshine shinin'
Will we find a silver linin'
Come along
Sing a song
When today becomes tomorrow
Will we findjoy or sorrow
Sing a song
Is it wrong
To put all our hopes together
And wish for somethin'better
Is it wrong
To be loved
To face the future with another
Who means more than any other
Is to be loved
We'll paint the grey clouds
With pretty rainbow hues
And we'll brush the gloom away
And save it for a rainy day
Rainy day
Oh, today
If troubles cast a shadow
And shadows make the sun afraid to stay
Why, it's okay
'Cause there'll be sunshine shinin'
And we'll find the silver linin'
Another day
Tomorrow is another day
How I hope you'll always stay

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