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Quotes NARRATOR: The flight across the Andes into Chile over the highest mountains in America. Plenty to see and remember on this spectacular trip. Since no cameras are allowed here the boys have to cover this from memory and sketches. Impressions of Uspallata Pass from 16,000 feet. These sketches and the stories told of the pioneer mail planes that first flew this route started everyone thinking. First a little plane began to take shape with a personality all his own.

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All agreed that he had good screen possibilities and before the plane set down at Santiago his life story had begun. Once upon a time in a little airport near Santiago, Chile there lived three airplanes: the papa plane, the mama plane and the baby plane. The papa plane was a big, powerful male planeThe papa plane was a big, powerful male plane. Mama plane was a middle-sized female planeMama plane was a middle-sized female plane. And the baby plane was a little boy plane named Pedro. Uh, where is Pedro? Oh, there he is. Maybe someday he'll grow up to be a big plane like his father who carries the mail between Chile and Argentina. Like all fledglings, Pedro went to ground school to learn the ABC's of flyingPedro went to ground school to learn the ABC's of flying. He studied reading, skywriting and arithmetic. He was taught anatomy. He also studied history Pedro! And geography. And in geography, he learned the mail route between Santiago and Mendoza. Over the mighty Andes, past Aconcagua highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. One day the papa plane was laid up with a cold in his cylinder head. So he couldn't fly the mail. And the mama plane couldn't stand the altitude because she had high oil pressure. So she couldn't fly the mail. But the mail must go through I hope. Calli Pedro. Ready for Flight 2 to Mendoza. Now, remember, Pedro, the mama plane said stay out of downdraught and keep your muffler on tight. And don't go near Aconca. Flight 2 leaving for Mendoza. All clear, Pedro. Let 'er go. Give 'er the gun, boy! Gun 'er! Gun 'er! Don't lose you ring speed! And so, after a masterly takeoff Pedro started on his first assignmentPedro started on his first assignment to pick up the mail at Mendoza. Each and every trip through this pass is an adventure in itself. His course carried him over the Pass of Uspallata where stands the statue of the Christ of the Andes marking the boundary between Chile and Argentina. So far, so good. Not a cylinder missing. Pedro was flying on top of the world when suddenly his first view of that towering monarch, Aconcagua! So this was the big bully they'd warned him about. But he didn't scare Pedro, though. No, sir. Well, the worst is over. And from now on, it's clear sailing to Mendoza. Come in against the wind, Pedro. There's your mail. Easy now. Atta boy! He picked up his mail like a veteran. Uh-oh! Careful! That cargo is precious. Pedro was homeward-bound and ahead of schedule. I'll bet his mother and dad will be proud of him. Just a natural-born flier. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it. Look out!