Sleeping Beauty 3 A lot of ninnies

Quotes FAUNA: Two eggs. Fold in gently. Fold? Uh, oh, well. MERRYWEATHER: I can't breathe! Let me out of here. It looks awful. FLORA: That's because it's on you, dear. FAUNA: Now, yeast, one tsp. Tsp?

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MERRYWEATHER: One teaspoon. FAUNA: Oh, one teaspoon, of courseone teaspoon, of course!
FLORA: Oh, gracious, how that child has grown.
MERRYWEATHER: Oh, it seems only yesterday we brought her here.
FAUNA: Just a tiny baby.
FLORA: Why, Merryweather.
FAUNA: What ever is the matter, dear?
MERRYWEATHER: After today, she'll be a princess, and we won't have any Briar Rose.
FAUNA: Oh, Flora!
FLORA: Now, now, now, now. Well, we all knew this day had to come.
FAUNA: But why did it have to come so soon?
FLORA: After all, we've had her for sixteen years.
MERRYWEATHER: Sixteen wonderful years.
FLORA: Oh, gracious! We're acting like a lot of ninniesWe're acting like a lot of ninnies. Come on. She'll be back before we get started.
PRINCE PHILLIP: You hear that, Samson? Beautiful. What is it? Come on. Let's find out. Aw, come on. For an extra bucket of oats? And a few carrots? Hup, boy! Whoa! No carrots. ROSE: Watch I Wonder videosongI Wonder. ROSE: Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child? Who? Aunt Flora and Fauna and Merryweather.
They never want me to meet anyone.
But you know something? I fooled them. I have met someone. Who? Who? Who? Oh, a prince. Well, he's tall and handsome and ... and so romantic. Oh, we walk together and talk together; and just before we say good-bye, he takes me in his arms and then... I wake up. Yes, it's only in my dreams. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true; and I've seen him so many times. PRINCE PHILLIP: You know, Samson, there was something strange about that voice. Too beautiful to be real. Maybe it was some mysterious being, a wood sprite... Here, stop!
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